Are you ready to become intentional with your time and streamline your life, career & business AND reclaim your Feminine Power so you can stop doing all the things and finally have the work-life balance & time-freedom you’ve been dreaming of?


Let's determine what kind of 1-1 support you're looking for!


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Are you feeling called to do this work but wondering where to start? Not sure whether 1-1 coaching is the way to go, if you should do a cosmic balance reading first, or if one of my courses is the best option for you? 

Start here by booking a discovery call, or as I like to call it, a "coaching consultation" where together we determine where you are currently at and what type of support you are looking for. 

This is a free zero pressure call and a fantastic way for you to get clear on what your intuition is guiding you to do and what your starting point is. We will get to know each other better, learn about your mission, and help you discover if the Time-Freedom Framework is right for you, and lead you on this journey. 

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Emotional Decluttering Session

20 min - 44€

Working together with the subconscious mind, we will release the trapped emotions that are stuck in your physical body that are affecting your success, lack of clarity, ability to focus, and even rest. Being stuck externally means something is out of alignment internally... so let's easily clear that here.

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Cosmic Balance Reading

60 min - 88€

How you should work and rest for ultimate success is unique to YOU. That is why we are diving into your astrological birth chart to identify your best strategy for productivity, and what your body, mind & soul truly need to reset and rest.  

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Intention Intensive: 1-week Intro Coaching

2 hours, 1 week - 322€

Have a specific focus you are dying to get support and strategies around? Let's dive into an intensive week together of shifting the number one mindset standing in your way of working less and achieving more.



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Align Your Time Coaching: 6 months VIP Coaching

Pay in full & Payment Plans

Together we will take back your time as we work through the Time-Freedom Framework, customised to you and your situation so that you immediately breakthrough your old way of working and step into alignment.



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