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Reclaim the sacred inner power of your feminine & balance out the toxic masculine hustle culture to leverage your energy and magnetise expanded success


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What's Energy
Got To Do With It?  


I KNOW you are an ambitious human with a fire burning inside of you giving you the feeling that you are here for something BIG - am I right?


Are you a high-achiever who is working towards those BIG goals (or working hard to figure out what they are) so that you can feel fulfilled and experience living a purpose led life? 


But… as you work towards this success… your bigger purpose… the reason you are here… do you often find yourself…

> Feeling burnt out? 
> Lacking motivation?
> Working so hard without seeing the equal level of return?
> Not creating the impact or results you intended to? 
> Reaching big goals but not feeling as fulfilled as you expected to?


Does it feel like there is something missing?


Perhaps it's the goals you are meant to achieve - especially if you’ve done a lot of big things already...and then you're left wondering where that feeling of fulfillment is and why you still don't feel like you've "made it." 


Or you feel you're missing a crucial piece in HOW you're trying to achieve these goals - I mean you’re doing all the “right” things so why the F is it still not happening for you?!


Do either of those sound like you?


I want to let you in on a little secret. For years I had this feeling that there must be a “missing piece” … a secret that everyone else knew that was making them successful. Instead, I stayed stuck in a loop of overworking, reading, watching and investing in everything possible, implementing all the strategies, just to figure out what that “one thing” was. I kept thinking; "What am I missing? Why isn't it happening for me?"


The truth is, no one has that “one thing.” 


What they all did have, was their OWN thing


Fast forward to today and I have finally figured out what that missing piece is and I’m going to share it with you now… are you ready? 


And not just “one way” of doing energetics… but YOUR WAY.


The missing piece for our heavily masculine energetic based way of working in our western patriarchal culture….is to work with that energy and balance it out with the powerful (and dismissed) feminine energy. 


The FEMININE ENERGY is the missing piece.




The Feminine is the missing link that IS your superpower.


It’s time to get into flow by tapping into your feminine.

Is Unleashing Your Superpower For You?


This is for you if… 


💫 You are ready to truly reclaim your feminine power and want to work with the energetics to do so. This is truly the missing piece... before you try yet another strategy, do this first.


💫 You are ready for bigger success in your life - you want to get out of your burnout loop or frustration cycle and actually start seeing forward momentum in your life and towards your goals.


💫 You are ready for your success to finally feel good. If you are someone who has been successful already (as many of my ambitious women are) this is the next step to supercharging your success so that it feels aligned and you actually find a deeper sense of fulfillment.  


💫 You are an ambitious high-achieving woman who desires to create MORE but you don’t want to burn yourself out in the process, or no longer want to sacrifice your well-being for your success.


💫 You are ready to let go of the old paradigms of working and activate your inner feminine superpower as THE PATH to your success from here on out. 


💫 You are committed to really gifting yourself the time to read through this material…33 pages is not a lot but it is going to be massively transformational. 


💫 You are ready to believe that you no longer have to grind to be successful… Instead you want to turbo-charge your success, make it easeful and lock in your next level in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling tired, drained or exhausted.

Oh yes, it's for me! Gimme the eBook!

What you're getting:

The 33-Page eBook compiled with the absolute must-know foundations to masculine & feminine energetics as the key to your sustainable balance, focused flow, and magnetic success.

Unleash Your Superpower eBook

Top Features

  • What the feminine and masculine energies are and why they are important so that we’re all on the same page (no matter what level you're at, this will meet you where you are at and challenge expansion!)
  • A personal energy audit so that you can identify where you fall on the energetic scale (and how to balance yourself back out, for good)
  • How to heal and reclaim your inner feminine energy (and why you’ve been taught to reject it in the first place) 
  • Exactly how to unleash your inner feminine energy as your ultimate Superpower 
  • How to create sustainable balance and take action towards your work, life, career, and business visions through your unique energetic code
  • Tools for activating your inner Feminine Superpower in everyday life
  • Additional bonuses & support for ease & implementation success
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Take a peek inside... 

"Love this e-book!! Clear and easy to understand and Olivia’s perspective and way of explaining is engaging and inspiring. I’m so excited to get to work to balance my fem/mas energies and unleashing my feminine superpower now as I see clearly how it’s all linked with the overwork cycle I come back to time and time again. Feels like I’ve found the missing key!" - Mikaela

“This is everything I didn’t know I was missing. It’s like a massive remembrance that has given me so much clarity not just in how I personally am meant to work and succeed, but I feel tapped into my purpose on a whole new level. Wow, thank you!” - Jessica

"OMG. This is a whole new level! I struggle mostly with finding the right thing for me, but Olivia provides the mechanisms and strategies for keeping that thing that’s most fitting to you as an individual, for the long-term. I think this is an aspect which is overlooked in society and also as a woman, but Olivia knows exactly what we need in this eBook that I feel is SO inspiring and lit a fire underneath me to really make some changes in my work & personal life."  - Tasha

Yup, it's for me! Gimme the eBook!

Once You Unleash Your Feminine Superpower... 


💫 You have total clarity on where you fall on the masculine/feminine energy scale and exactly how to use energetics to work with clarity & succeed with ease.

💫 You have moved out of the overworking, overwhelm, and toxic unbalanced masculine energy cycles that you have been taught create success.

💫 You have stepped into success, the feminine way, by uncovering your unique blueprint for how you specifically are meant to create success - the process & the results. 

💫 You know exactly how to unlock your unique energetics code in order to reclaim your feminine energy and balance out the unbalanced (overworked) masculine.

💫 You have more time and energy, and can experience a sense of peace, fulfillment and excitement on a daily basis, which exponentially impacts the quality of your relationships, home-life, passions and of course, success.


In the laws of energy - like attracts like... so more of all that goodness just keeps coming your way!


Unleashing your inner feminine SUPERPOWER is setting you up for… 


A life of alignment.

You are tuned into your desires, needs, and purpose and show up accordingly on a daily basis.


You feel grounded in yourself and infinitely powerful. Anything you desire to create feels possible to you and you have clarity in exactly how you are meant to approach it.


You no longer settle. You know what you are capable of and that you have the ability to create the life you are currently dreaming of. You are making your mark here in this world & you now know it- so throw any doubts and fears telling you otherwise out the window. 


Balanced internal energies - of the masculine & feminine - means a balanced external reality.


A balanced external reality comes from being in alignment with your inner self.


It's a cycle that needs to be balanced in order to support itself and you. 


When you address the internal energetics, everything externally begins to shift and reflect that.


If your current external reality doesn’t look the way you’d like it to, notice how you are showing up. Then answer the call to create the energetic balance.


Unlocking the feminine in our masculine heavy energetic society, is how we start to reinstate this balance.


As you reinstate this balance, you call back your power. When you call back your power, you show up as the most authentic version of yourself. When you show up as this badass, you align yourself with success.


You are energy. It’s all energy. And this is your power. Lets unleash it together now. 

I'm Ready to Unleash my Superpower!

About Olivia ... 

Olivia Heine is the NLP Success Coach behind Decluttered Intentions, focusing on burnout, work-life balance, and energetics. She is your Feminine Flow CEO, Time-Freedom lifestyle curator and fellow ambitious goal-getter, on a mission to deconstruct the way we have been taught to work and strive for success. Teaching the “Feminine Art of Productivity and Success”, she speaks, teaches and coaches ambitious and high achieving women, supporting them in ending the toxic cycle of overworking, hustle, and overwhelm, so they can work smarter, not harder, to expand their success and reclaim their time, energy and freedom.


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