The Energetics Success Code 

The high-touch expansive coaching experience to activate your energetics success code so you can expand your impact and elevate your results by doing less.


Get ready to transform your lifestyle, master your time, increase your energy, and expand your results by infusing the feminine path to success into your way of working, creating and living...


with 6 months of VIP Coaching

Investment: One Time Payment of €6,000 or 6 monthly payments of €1,100


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Does the voice in your head sound a bit like this...?


> “Ugh, I feel so tired. Every day is just the same shit and I feel like I’m just getting by…when really I have so many dreams and goals I want to achieve...but I just can’t find the time or motivation to really stay committed long enough before I inevitably burn myself out again.”


> “I know I am meant for BIG things, but I am working day in and day out - I feel like work is my entire life - and I’m not seeing big enough results for the amount of effort I am putting in. I feel fed up and frustrated because I am trying so damn hard to make things work, but somehow I am still missing the one secret ingredient or ‘perfect strategy’ that everyone else seems to have.”


> “I feel totally ungrounded and unclear. I don’t know what to do next or what direction is that will be the “right” one…. and then I just end up procrastinating and avoid taking action at all, which leaves me feeling totally defeated and I wonder if I’m at all capable of creating this dream.” 


> “I am in a pendulum swing between ‘feeling on top of things’ and then burning myself out again. I’m trying all the strategies but somehow it’s still not enough…there is just not enough time in the day to do it all…you know what they say, between social life, success, and self-care, you can only pick 2, so one way or another I lose.”


> “I’m actually doing work that I enjoy, but I’m not making the money or experiencing the pleasure from it that I expected I would…where I am at just doesn’t feel like enough (or financially just isn’t enough) and I just keep thinking about what I need to achieve next and it’s exhausting and incredibly stressful to feel stuck in a loop of 'not making it'.”


> "I've actually been very successful in my life, with my career or business; I know the importance of prioritising goals, time-management strategies, and execution, but I've been doing it in a very masculine driven way and it hasn't truly felt aligned."


You may think that you just need a better strategy, or that you need to be more disciplined or find more motivation to actually consistently wake up and have the energy to work towards your goals, have the focus to execute on them, and just force yourself to DO IT ALREADY...


But, unfortunately, that isn't going to work. 


If it does, it's only going to be temporarily sustainable and will feel like pushing a boulder up the side of a steep mountain, when there is a chairlift that you can get on just around the corner and there is actually no need for the boulder to go to the top of the mountain with you.


What you really need to do is tap into YOUR INNER SUPERPOWER. In other words, connect & reclaim your inner ENERGETICS of the feminine & masculine…so that you create sustainable work-life balance, ditch the burnout, stop sacrificing your well-being for success (you don’t have to choose), and expand your time, energy and results. 


Click play below and let me share with you how ENERGETICS are the revelation to your overworking, hustle and lack of easeful results... and how this is the missing piece and answer to completely transforming the way you work and the success you are able to create.


To the left you can see a visual of what society has taught us to do about productivity and time-management vs. the unique and pioneering approach we take. 

The energetic approach to success looks at you holistically as a whole human being, not just a machine meant to produce maximum output. With that, the energetics incorporate the feminine & masculine energies into how you work to expand your balance and results...

Let's dive a bit deeper and I'll share exactly why this works and actually sticks.


Energetics as the Missing Piece


The societal work culture that we live in has taught you to praise and perform in an "unhealthy masculine" and reject "the feminine." In our Western Patriarchal Society, we are really good at working hard. This is what we are taught from an early age, in order to be integrated as productive members of our society. 



Which looks like this: 

There is ONE formula for success: work hard to prove you want it so that when you get the results, you can prove that you deserved it.

This concept of proving your worth, to show that you are good enough, creates a self-sacrificing society, where we disregard our own needs, desires, and inner guidance, in order to feel "enough" based on external validations.

We work hard as a means to control. To control our results, so that we can control the being accepted, and to control how we are viewed and seen by others so that we make sure we are seen as valuable. And when we are seen as valuable, our self-worth is validated.

What this results in is a lifestyle where you are addicted to chaos because doing, going, and being busy feels SAFER than slowing down. In the process, you have become overworked, burnt out, exhausted, fatigued, and possibly even physically ill.



The Masculine is incredibly important for taking action, but you can only be in the healthy Masculine when you are also tapped into the Feminine.

However, society has taught us that the feminine is less valuable, especially in the realm of work. Qualities such as intuition, play, and pleasure are simply not seen as "important" when it comes to success; logic and reason are the only way. (Just think about whether you value these qualities in your current strategies).

This results in you pushing aside crucial authentic parts of yourself in order to fit into the mould. Not just that, but these feminine energetic qualities are actually integral to your success. But eventually, after years or even a life-time of playing by the rules, you become disconnected from yourself, your needs, and your desires which keeps you in the cycle of needing to prove your worthiness through your work.

This is where the POWER of Feminine comes in and why this is the crucial step to you ditching the hustle and exhaustion, and reclaiming your time, energy, & ease, and expand your success. 




The Energetics Success Code 

Incorporating the Feminine into how you are Working
& Balancing out the Heavy Unhealthy Masculine for Sustainable and Expanded Success

The Feminine Art of Success: Tapping into your Energetics Success Code


The feminine art of success is about creating a holistic approach to work and success that is unique to you, where you heal & reclaim your relationship to the divine feminine and reincorporate a healthy relationship to the sacred masculine, so that you work and live in full alignment and in turn are able to activate bigger results.



When you work in the unhealthy masculine, as you've been taught, you take "random action," from an energy of lack fear. 

This action looks like this: 

  • I have to work at least 10 hours a day if I want to prove that I care and get the outcome I want 
  • should be further along at this point, so maybe I need to work harder to show my boss that I deserve that promotion or to convince my partner that this business is going to work
  • need to figure out a way to get more clients/money/offers/dates/etc because I'm don't have enough...maybe I can start a podcast and join a new social media platform and go to a networking event and work weekends and....the list goes on.




In the law of energy, if like attracts like, and if we believe that we are not enough & what we are doing is not enough, what we are going to get is more lack - more of the same… which leads to more burnout. 

When we work from the unhealthy masculine, we work from a place of lacking inner trust. We believe we need to PROVE ourselves in order to be worthy. This results in us living from a place of lack. Somewhere deep down we believe we are not enough. So “doing” is going to compensate for that.



The Feminine energy aligns you with what you desire and puts you in receiving mode, upon which you take action from THAT place.

Being in the feminine is the gift of receptivity - if we are constantly giving, giving, giving and being solely in our masculine because we are doing all the time, then we don’t create space to actually RECEIVE.

When you work from this energy, the key benefit is that you are actually able to create MORE success, with MORE ease and by doing LESS. 


Watch my Feminine Art of Success talk here for a deeper dive explanation.

Here's how the Energetics Success Code Works: 

Only through your own unique balanced combination of both masculine & feminine energy can you...

1. Create sustainable balance and structures that support ease and flow at all times

2. Effortlessly tap into flow and aligned productivity whenever you want to create momentum and make shit happen

3. Know how to create more time for experiencing the pleasures in life because you know when to rest and have a clear rhythm of rest strategy for doing this, so that you don't stay stuck in the trauma response of overworking

And as a result you magentize more success. 

And this is exactly what we are going to be creating with you in your own Energetics Success Code. 


Implementing & Creating your Unique Code:

Here's what goes into your Energetics Success Code and how we are going to be implementing this custom holistic approach for you together. I guide you through the Time-Freedom & Feminine Flow Framework which combines Mindset & NLP work, with aligned strategies and the feminine flow. You can access parts of these frameworks in all my courses, but THIS is the only place where you get access to ALL of it!

We have two activation energies - the moon (the feminine) and the sun (the masculine). These planets are known as “lumieres,” literally meaning source of light, so we will be using these two energy pillars to switch on the light within you.


The lunar elements are going to guide us back to connecting you with your divine feminine. The energy of the moon represents the divine feminine. It represents your inner emotional world, your deeper connection to yourself and your needs, and the rest you need in order to shine your light brightly. 


The feminine is the foundation. We will be healing the feminine in your own life, reincorporating its wisdom into how you live and work in your every day, and reclaiming its power in how you create, execute and achieve. 


How we are going to do this: 

> Healing the narratives and wounds of the feminine - the good girl, the perfectionist, the people pleaser, the witch/rejecting your intuition, letting yourself be seen/heard, healthy boundaries, trusting your body, and more.

> Reconnecting with your intuition, becoming a powerful decision maker for change & action in your life, and stepping into your power & embodying your purpose

> Reincorporating the cyclical nature & rhythms back into your life & how you create

> Learning & living by the seasons as your guidance system- cosmos, nature, moon, and your body

> Creating your rhythm of rest & rest zones for banishing burnout for good, regulating your nervous system, and making rest SAFE again  

> Bringing the body back into the equation so that you have a holistic approach to how you work, create and achieve - regulating & taking action with consideration to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual 

> Tapping into your feminine magnetism to put yourself in “receiving mode” to attract your next level goal & vision 

> Accessing clarity, guidance and ease through your own inner guidance system of the feminine - basically your personalized manual for life & success!

> Managing your energy so that you can align with and embody the future Feminine Flow CEO version of yourself 


The sun represents the sacred masculine & is your life force energy. We have been taught by the patriarchal world culture to perform an “unhealthy masculine.” However, the true masculine is sacred and incredibly necessary as aligned action is required for creating the life of your dreams. 


The feminine informs the masculine. So once we have set up your feminine connection, it’s time to activate the healthy masculine. This will enable you to know exactly how to execute on your goals, design your unique work-style that supports your desired life-style, and manage your time, schedules, and to-do’s with total clarity and ease.


How we are going to do this: 

> Healing the wounded masculine - the burnout, the overworking and the beliefs & shame that perpetuate these unhealthy work and toxic success structures 

> Redefining your values around work and success so that you can stop chasing the external expectations and begin aligning yourself with your inner worth & success

> Creating your clear system for taking intuitive & inspired action so that you stop doing a million unnecessary things and only those steps that are aligned with your vision & goal

> Getting complete clarity on your vision, where you are going, what your purpose is, and what you are here to create

> Setting up your collapsed timeline for achieving your next level goal & implementing sacred time-management so that you truly can get everything done 

> Teaching you how to tap into aligned productivity so that getting into a state of flow in work comes as easily as pouring yourself a cup of coffee

> Implementing rituals and routines for productivity and success: Morning and evening routines, work-flows, and lifestyle habits. All your habits exist in your subconscious programming, so again, we will be diving back into the NLP work

> The step by step process to embodiment and manifestation so that you can call in clarity & directions for your desired outcome and vision 

In short, we will be diving into your mindset first in order to heal your relationship to the feminine, reprogram the power of the feminine so you can easily incorporate it into your life and work, and rewire your beliefs around work and success so that you can begin taking action from a healthy masculine. 

It’s about shifting away from placing all the focus on the external structures and turning inwards, to reconnect to your intuition and tapping into alignment as your guidance to productivity and success. 

It’s about embracing simplicity and solidifying the mindset that it doesn’t take you doing “all the things” to create massive results and transformation. 


What you will be walking away with is your custom CODE of how YOU are meant to be tapping into the energetics of the masculine and feminine in order to take clear, aligned, and intuitive driven action so that you effortlessly and ease-fully call in your next level vision and live in your soul's purpose. 



  • I am ready to step into my next level goal and self with total clarity and ease, and without all the hustle.
  • I am ready to harness my feminine flow and embody my powerful productivity that doesn’t require me to constantly be “on.”
  • I am ready to show up, take-action, and align my life with my time-freedom vision.


The Feminine Flow CEO version of you already exists, and she is waiting for you to step into HER.

Yes, I'm ready to take the next step!


Here's What's Waiting for You on the Other Side of our 6 Months...


  • You have broken through the toxic hustle cycle of overworking and healed yourself from burnout. You are DONE & have thrown out the rule book of the standard societal mould of working that used to leave you feeling like you were never doing enough and always somehow behind

  • You are a badass aligned productivity queen, who effortlessly brings all her goals into her reality with less work and effort

  • You are strategically leveraging your time with your own customized systems and methodologies that streamline your work and give you back your time & space in your days

  • You know exactly how to always have enough energy and you have created and implemented your personalized “rhythm of rest” to achieve just that

  • You have mastered the magic of mindset and energy management to know how to tap into productivity and focus, and also know when and how to rest without all that damn guilt 

  • You have shattered your limiting beliefs around your success, next level vision, and what is possible for you. You now take quantum leaps with ease to collapse the timeline and experience your goals now

  • You have unbelievable clarity around your next level goal with the strategies and tools to actually get there, so that it happens quickly, effortlessly and with more ease and enjoyment

  • You have activated your energetics success code of the divine masculine and sacred feminine - the sun & the moon - and you are flowing through life and living in receiving mode where you magnetize success by doing less 

  • You are living based on your feminine design, where your inner cyclical nature guides you in how you work and rest and move through the ebbs & flows of life and creation 

  • You are achieving your next level goals and visions faster and with far more ease. Those clients? Done. That scaled business? It’s yours. The published book up on amazon? Yup, it’s there. That promotion or shift into your aligned dream job? You’ve got it. The 100,000? Check that bank account, wealthy woman!


Why are you settling for the single rose when you are meant to have the ENTIRE GARDEN?

LET'S DO IT! I'm ready to book my discovery call!

There's a very specific reason my clients are able to create MORE time, MORE ease, and MORE results...


And a very specific reason why my clients are able to reach their next level goal by doing less and lock in their strategy for aligned work and balance through their energetics success code. 

They have healed their relationship to the feminine, harnessed this inner wisdom & power, and implemented clear and aligned strategies for execution, productivity, and success through the healthy masculine. They have nailed this energetic balance and have their own CODE for success and so they are allowing massive results to flow into their lives, careers, relationships, and businesses.

Now it’s your turn!


  • 6 months of high touch customized 1-1 support 
  • 18 approx 45 min sessions. Three weeks of calls followed by one implementation week each month
  • Continuous Telegram support via written or voice message, Monday-Friday if you’re feeling confused, wanting to celebrate or have questions to work through
  • Pre-session questionnaires prior to each call 
  • Cosmic balance integration as a tool for our time together
  • Regular Accountability Check-Ins to help you feel supported and keep you on track
  • Your own personalised Aligned Action and Mindset Management document, updated after each call so that you know exactly what to do each week to be implementing your balance and aligned strategies
  • A shared google drive for custom resources and feedback 
  • Resources customised to our sessions so that you have life-long guides to refer back to for all the strategies and tools

The Investment 


6 monthly payments of €1,200


One time payment of €6,000

Book a Discovery Call to find out exactly what this coaching will look like for you

Welcome to Your New Reality 

When you are living in your Energetics Success Code… 


✨ Pleasure, play and fun become your biggest priority and you find yourself waking up in the morning, excited and energized for the day ahead.


✨ Your days feel spacious and balanced, as you flow between work and rest, play and fun, lunches with friends and date nights with your love, alone time on the couch with your tea & journal and adventures exploring new cities or taking nature hikes. 


✨ You move through your day with ease and presence, soaking up the morning coffee as the morning sun shines through your kitchen window, making nourishing wholesome meals together with your family, laughing through your work-day and feeling so good in life right now.


✨ You love where you are at right now. You have found peace with where you are at because you have a deep trust in all that is already on its way to you. Now you can really truly enjoy the process and journey towards your business empire, your published novel, your keynote speaking event, your new found alone time or your soulmate relationship.


✨ You feel free & liberated! That childlike awe of life is back and it’s here to stay! You suddenly feel giddy about getting dressed up & feelin’ yourself for a fun date night. You want to be adventurous and jump off the dock into the water and get your damn hair wet. You smile to yourself as you fall into bed as though everyday is the end of a perfect summer day in the sun.


✨ You are shining your light. You truly feel that you are showing up and living in your purpose. You are owning your magic, letting yourself be seen, and making an incredible impact on the world.


✨ You are connected to your divine feminine wisdom which enables you to stand in your POWER, consistently feel grounded, and be constantly connected to guidance and clarity. You know exactly what you are doing and trust deeply that life is always working out for you. 


✨ You have infinite resources in the abundance of time, energy, wealth and ease, so you get to be the curator of your life. You are traveling the world, buying your penthouse apartment in the city, investing in a new business endeavor, serving hundreds of soul-aligned clients, or financing your dream wedding. 


It’s all available to you darling, and it’s just the beginning.

Is The Energetics Success Code is for You?


🥂You are a high-achieving and ambitious women here to do something BIG and want to step into this purpose & vision in the most aligned & easeful way possible

🥂You want the personalized touch of coaching with Olivia and want her full and undivided energy and attention during your sessions & custom support in between sessions

🥂You are ready to heal and reclaim your healthy feminine energy so that you can do less and magnetize success with total ease, whilst having a clear rhythm of rest so that you have the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of and feel amazing with always enough energy to do all the things you want

🥂You are ready to heal and harness your healthy masculine energy so that you can work with total ease, clarity, and create a work style that supports your dream lifestyle  

🥂You want and are 100% open to a new way of working and creating success

🥂You are ready to do the work, look back on your life, your childhood, your belief systems, your current structures and strategies, and SAY YES to a new level of life, work, and success


 ❌ You are not ready to PLAY BIG in your life. You’re happy staying in your comfort zone and life is okay right now so you’re good

 ❌ If you are looking for another quick fix strategy for time-management, productivity or balance and just want Olivia to give you a framework to follow

 ❌ You want to work and hustle your way to more success; more clients, more income, that promotion, that relationship…

 ❌ You don’t believe in energetics and are not open to exploring this new territory 

 ❌ You believe there is ONE way to be successful and you are not willing to try any other way 

❌ You don’t trust yourself enough to commit to take action, and so the investment feels too scary (actually, let’s talk because this is actually a sign that you are meant for more!)

 ❌ You are not ready to expand your wealth, potential, unleash your inner goddess power and wisdom, and would like to stay in your comfort zone


I want you to embody your badass powerful next level self who gets to have her goal, ALONG with the time-freedom to enjoy her life, makin' people's head's turn, wondering how you "do it all" (psst... you're not, it just looks like it!)

That's why I promise you, if you show up and do the work, you WILL see results.

This is so far from your standard productivity hack one-size fits all type coaching. This is all custom designed for your aligned way of working, divine feminine flow, and in accordance to your time-freedom vision.


Notice that gut feeling. Trust yourself. 

Allyson S.

I learned how to work only when I feel energetically aligned to do so, AND how to get into that state of energetic alignment in a holistic way. “Rest” was not a word in my vocabulary before, it was synonymous with laziness. Olivia taught me how to reframe definitions and ideas in my mind to work for me, rather than me being a slave to my programming. I wake up peaceful and confident that I can do everything I need to get done by exerting less energy than I previously did. By doing this I have been able to attract my goal for the year within the 3 months of coaching.

Olga B.

I really appreciate her unique approach to productivity, her focus on balancing work and rest, & staying in tune with yourself. What I have typically encountered with others is either a harsh "do what it takes no matter what" approach, or the totally fluid "be one with the universe". Olivia is a perfect golden middle between the two ends of the spectrum: she is all about productivity and achieving goals, but also about staying happy, grounded and well-rested during the process. She is so wise, motivating and relatable. I couldn't recommend Olivia enough!

Annapaola Z.

She is a pioneer in her approach to time, productivity and work. I've done a lot of therapy, lots of coaching and further education programs and yet Olivia is able to surprise me. I appreciate that her approach is so holistic, as she integrates the mind, soul and body. With Olivia's help, I went from overwhelmed, depressed, & resigned to grateful, hopeful and literally enthusiastic. She taught me how to shift my mindset, how to be in charge of my energy management, and gave me fantastically structured strategies to implement into my life. I am leaning to give myself space to rest and live life with ease. 

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