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Teach me to Rest for Success!

Are you ready to BE more in your feminine and actually REST in order to create greater success?


Are you ready to stop feeling so burnt out or on the verge of burnout, drained, exhausted, and hustling all the time where you feel like you are NEVER doing enough and forcing yourself to take action.


Are you ready to be DONE living a life that feels like it’s run off course (a lot or a little) but you don’t know how to adjust or where to go next. 


Are you ready to instead, have the tools to effortlessly tap into flow and connect with your body & powerful intuition, to make aligned decisions, have clarity in where you are meant to be going, and know exactly what actions you need to take (with total ease) to get the results you want?


Are you ready to have total clarity on what you need to do to live a life that matches the one in your head, that feels aligned, expansive and abundant? 


Are you ready to completely transform your ability to be massively successful without sacrificing your well-being... and instead using it to your advantage? 









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Before Rest For Success I had a tendency to diminish the value of anything that didn't have a direct output or result. I felt that I needed to prove my worth and value through work. For that reason, I would work tirelessly to achieve the milestones you're traditionally applauded for in life. I would always say yes to more hours at work or taking more on in classes so I could be seen as the woman who 'does it all' and does it effortlessly. It felt exhausting and I was tired (most of the time). When I set out time to relax and see friends, I would frequently think about my to do list. I wanted so badly to just 'be' and stay present in work and in life - that's why I said YES to Rest For Success. After this course, I have more trust in myself. I know and trust that I have my own back. Obviously confidence and moods come and go in waves, and I now ride the wave/ebbs and flows of my life with more confidence. Learning about my cycles was so empowering and I'm now able to set better boundaries for myself and protect my energy. 
- Lucie S.


Good! There's nothing more I want than to share this knowledge with as many people as I can...


But here's the truth: 


The conditioning and structures that society has taught you to work within, have told you it’s not SAFE to be in your FEMININE. And that in order to be successful, you need to be in your MASCULINE. 


THIS is simply not true. And you probably aren't tapping into your true potential (yet) due to how you’ve been taught to work: 


What I mean is…


  • You are struggling with the “go go go” of life that’s just leaving you exhausted…

  • You find yourself swinging between feeling the need to hold it all together by controlling  it all and then feeling totally overwhelmed, wondering how you’re going to manage everything… 

  • If you are still tired, exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, indecisive about what action to take, and continuously dancing on that line with burnout…

  • If you have a hard time “reading the signs” and suddenly the old uninvited friend, Burnout, comes knocking on your door once again…

  • If you struggle to remember WHY you are doing this work in the first place… If you feel you have forgotten what YOU actually desire for yourself…

  • If you feel guilty doing things for yourself and often don’t even know what you personally enjoy anymore…

  • If you haven’t taken a vacation (a REAL minimum 2 week vacation) in FOREVER, and even when you are off, there’s always still a million things to get done around the house or catch up on for work.

  • Or if you believe you “have” to work in a certain way and do things a certain way if you want to be successful, even if it doesn’t feel 100% right for you

  • Especially if you feel like maybe something is wrong with YOU, if you can’t manage to stop procrastinating or why it’s taking SO long for you to hit your goals?!


All this is how you have been taught to work and live too much in your masculine.


Why Rest Needs to Become a Core Component of Your Work & Success Strategy


The actual "real" problem is the false belief that hustling and being SOLELY in your masculine will get you the results you want. When really, it is about reconnecting with the feminine… and using REST as the core way to do this.



It all comes down to the power of YOUR feminine energy. And let me tell you, it is freaking powerful. If you've ever felt like there is "one secret" that has been kept from you that would make your life so much easier and give you all the answers - THIS IS IT!


Why? Well because Rest…

  • Creates space for creativity and daydreaming = new ideas, new inspiration = aha moments & clarity
  • Connects you back to your body which gives you an entire guidance system for exactly how to show up and work effectively & sustainably
  • Clarity in decisions and directions you need to take  
  • Feeling energized, focused, motivated and productive
  • Allows you to come out of a high pressure environment (of work and stress) and bring your nervous system back into rest and digest 
  • You have TIME to enjoy life & have FUN
  • You’ve stopped “go go going” and so you are actually really feeling satisfied and fulfilled about where you are RIGHT NOW (& know big things are coming)
  • You step into an energy of RECEIVING instead of pushing and forcing and hustling
  • Because all of this incorporates MORE feminine energy, which balances out the heavy masculine that is creating the BURNOUT, HUSTLE, and STRESS.


Now it’s your turn to ask yourself and be radically HONEST: Are you going to keep settling for the same shitty thing you’ve settled for before?


That “one thing” is that one solution you’ve been looking for, to create sustainable balance and prioritize your well being without sacrificing your goals… And it’s exactly what I am going to be teaching you over the next 8 weeks: How to create your rhythm of rest in order to literally REST in order to create more SUCCESS.  

I couldn't recommend working with Olivia more!!
She is one of the warmest and wisest coaches I've met, and implementing the work together has helped me find a better balance, feeling more fulfilled and lit up, and my business has never felt more aligned with me, my unique gifts and desires.

It really feels like I'm living life on my terms now, and that is something that I always wanted. I've done both a Cosmic balance session and the Rest for Success course and they were both JAM-PACK. I'm so impressed with the knowledge and in-depth competence Olivia has, but the best thing is that she makes it easy.

I used to feel so overwhelmed, frustrated and confused, but by integrating the feminine first approach I'm more confident, clear and joyful. I am so grateful to my past self for deciding to stop procrastinating getting support and just going for it. It has created so much growth, abundance and joy for me both professionally and personally.

Olivia is a gem! If you get a chance to work with her, take it.

✨ You have released control and that tight grip on needing to “make it happen” 


✨ You no longer believe you have to push yourself to work so hard & be “on” all the time. You no longer feel the need to prove yourself through how hard or long you work. And instead you believe the more you slow down, the more you speed up


✨ You no longer feel the need to prove yourself through how hard and long you work 


✨ You feel so connected again to yourself and your purpose. You are shining your light. You truly feel that you are showing up and living in your purpose. You are owning your magic, letting yourself be seen, and making an incredible impact on the world.


✨ Rest comes easy and is frequent as your energy tank fills back up, and pleasure, play and fun become your biggest priority and you find yourself waking up in the morning, excited and energized for the day ahead.


✨ You love taking vacations and are so excited to fullfill your dream of seeing your feet cooling off in crystal clear water


✨ Spontaneous days off to explore your city and mid-day coffee breaks with a good book are simply part of your life now


✨ You know fully and completely that all your work continues to GROW even when you aren’t “in” it (and instead, relaxing). You love where you are at right now because you have a deep trust in all that is already on its way to you. Now you can really truly enjoy the process and journey towards your business empire, your published novel, your keynote speaking event, your new found alone time or your soulmate relationship.


✨ You are feeling lit up by life again and so excited about all the time and space you have to enjoy your life with loved ones


✨ You believe deeply that the more space you create to enjoy is a key part of HOW you are getting results. Your days feel spacious and balanced, as you flow between work and rest, play and fun, as you realize more of the things you deeply desire are flowing into your life. 


✨ You have a clear system for your “rhythm of rest” and you are therefore working with more ease because you have realized you don’t need to DO so much to create the results you want


✨ You are connected to your divine feminine wisdom which enables you to stand in your POWER, consistently feel grounded, and be constantly connected to guidance and clarity. You know exactly what you are doing and trust deeply that life is always working out for you. 


✨ You have infinite resources in the abundance of time, energy, wealth and ease, so you get to be the curator of your life. You are traveling the world, buying your penthouse apartment in the city, investing in a new business endeavour, serving hundreds of soul-aligned clients, or financing your dream wedding. 


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Not ready? Now is not the right time?  

Does the version of you who has this ease, rest, and success in her life think or feel that way? Or does she trust what she wants and takes action on it, knowing that in order to get out of the overwhelm, hustle, and stress cycles, she needs to create space to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. 


You have until Friday October 14th to enrol in Rest for Success for 100€ off.


As Einstein said, we can’t solve the same problems with the same level of thinking (or the same processes) that we used to create them. Join me in creating this new approach for yourself.


Ask yourself, what would the most confident and empowered version of myself do right now?


My 'big win' during the 8-week course was actually enjoying my time at work and being present. I am able to be where my feet are and not think about "what's next" all of the friggen time. That's exhausting!! I now trust that I have time carved out for myself and am no longer fighting to prove my worth in every room. I value rest in a whole new way and can flow into time off and relax way easier. I actually changed jobs to something that was more aligned with my goals in the following weeks.

I loved how the Rest For Success validated all the things I knew in theory. Like: I don't have to say yes to everything, rest is an important part of work, I'm not supposed to be grinding 24/7, women work differently than men, etc. In theory, I know these things but when you're repeatedly rewarded by family, friends and coworkers for things that oppose these ideas, you're going to continue that behaviour. People pleasing is so real (especially for a woman - we've been conditioned to love the praises of being the chill and easygoing girl). One of my biggest takeaways/mindset shifts that I continually revisit is that it's safe to rest --> it takes time for your nervous system to believe this and practice tapping into this. 

Olivia is fantastic because she provides language to describe experiences I've had but could never put into words. This is so validating and had improved my relationships at work and home. She has a compassionate and flexible approach, there is so much material and you have the freedom to take what works best for you. The course gives you permission to live in ways that feel best for you but may go against the main societal narratives - this has been so important for me! Two months later, I've seen an improvement in my daily self-talk thanks to Olivia and Rest For Success. I feel more confident and cozy in my skin!! - Lucie S.

How can I so confidently teach so many people to do this work?


There was a time not so long ago, that I was living totally and completely in my masculine. 

I wanted - nay, needed - to control everything. Surrendering was just not a word in my vocabulary and I believed I needed to DO so much and WORK so HARD in order to be successful. I never spoke up for myself, I made decisions based on external expectations and validation, and had completely burnt myself out, mentally, emotionally, and physically with all the digestive problems and throat & lymph infections I suffered from. 

I had no idea how to tap into my feminine - to rest, receive guidance, heal my body - without feeling guilty or come back to work and overcompensate.


Fast forward a couple years (and LOTS more lessons showing me exactly what it means to truly live from your feminine first), I have a successful coaching business where I, along with so many of my clients, have achieved BIG goals by doing less.


>> I coach and teach my clients, create content, and run my business by working less than 25 hours a week and am making more money than ever before.

>> I spent 2 months living and creating this course from a little beach town in Mexico. 

>> I moved to my dream city and into an incredible two bedroom apartment that I took only ONE actual action to attract.


So how did I create this reality for myself?  

It’s not through hustle, force or working myself into the ground.

I reclaimed my feminine energy, wisdom & power. I made resting, surrendering and trusting feel SAFE again. 

And as a result, the money, the freedom, the time, the ease, the results, all came to me naturally.

Just take a look at the deep transformative 8-week journey we are about to embark on for you to

Rest for Success

Class 1: Intro to Feminine Flow

The first step to shifting out of the current cycle of overworking, hustle or imbalance, is to make “resting” and “the feminine” feel SAFE. When you think about how you are working right now, who taught you to work that way? We are going to dive into all these belief systems, shift and rewire them, and start making the “feminine” feel safe again so that you can reclaim its’ power.

Class 2: Tapping back into your Intuitive Powers

One of the most mind boggling things about the power of the feminine, is that you are incredibly MAGNETIC. And the best part is, you already have these powers within you naturally and inherently. You literally don’t have to do anything other than make space for them to emerge, & this is what you’ll learn in lesson 2.

Class 3: Embodiment through Cyclical Living with the Seasons & the Cosmos

This is where we get into the fun stuff - all the structures that you will be putting together to create your unique rhythm of rest. How do you make the feminine part of your everyday life when society has taught you that the masculine is the only way to be successful? In this lesson we are using the wisdom of seasonal living to do exactly that.

Class 4: Cycle Syncing with Your Body & the Moon 

From macro we go micro, into your own unique cycles and how you can use them to become a time bender, create space to properly rest, and how to understand the language of your body to truly receive the intuitive hits, directional guidance and trust your ability to lean back in order to create more.

Class 5: Creating Your Rest Zones for Banishing Burnout

There are states of being, that when embodied, propel you into a new reality of expansion and abundance. When you intentionally manage your energy to FEEL GOOD, you create a reality where more GOOD FEELING THINGS come to you. When you are in a cycle of burnout, overwhelm, and stress, you stay on that highway. In this lesson, you learn how to effortlessly manage your energy without even needing to think about it.

Class 6: Living in Receiving Mode to Magnetize your Success

The truth is, you can magnetize everything you desire to yourself right now. You already possess this power. In this lesson, you will not only learn how true this is but you will learn how to EMBODY this magnetism so that you truly can easily attract and create a life of your own making. The most amazing thing, is that you don’t have to “DO” SO MUCH to create it… and that will become your sustainable reality in this lesson.

2x 1 Hour "Office Hours" - Live Q&A Coaching calls: 

As you may have noticed, this course is 8 weeks long but there are 6 lessons. The additional 2 weeks will be pause weeks from teaching. These are bonus calls from our first and only LIVE round where students were able to chat with me to ask questions and get my support in putting their “rhythm of rest” process together. There is so much value in these calls where so many of the questions you will have will be answered and you will be able to see how to implement the processes with real life examples.


SO YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME for weekly lessons?  
See this as though you are signing up for your weekly art, dance or pottery classes at your local community center.  

Are you thinking, hmmm it would be nice to take a weekly class like that but I don’t even have the time to do that? 

Alright, listen up then - taking THIS course is going to allow you to make time for making weekly creative time like that (or maybe kickboxing classes if that’s more your vibe) part of your everyday normal life! Make yourself a priority, do this for you. So that you can show up in your purpose, for your ambitions, for your people. 

I have many clients who have learned to lead with their feminine first and incorporate rest as a core component of HOW they create their success, and have successfully created bigger results, more time, and magnetised their deepest desires




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Here's exactly what you'll receive when you join

Access to the Rest for Success Online Portal
As soon as you enroll, you will receive access to the portal with all 6 lessons plus the additional 2 "office hour" replays. You will have life-long access to this content.


6 full-length, in depth Workbooks
To practice and implement everything you are learning over the 8-weeks with total ease


6 x 1 hour Lessons with Olivia - dive deep into the content for creating your rhythm of rest, expanding your results through doing less, and magnetizing success, taught by Olivia 


✨2 x 1 hour "office hours" replays, valued packed with questions from past students and  implementation support from Olivia.


✨A Private Telegram group
Connect with other current and past members and support each other on your journey. This is a great way to find an accountability partner to stay on track and get support with implementing all the tools.


Everything you need to become the version of yourself who rests for her success and change your reality around what you need to do to be successful and create abundance, wealth, time, ease, energy, and massively aligned results. If you are ready for your entire experience with work and time-freedom to change, join us today. This is going to be insanely special!


Quick Quiz: Is it Aligned for Me?

  • You want to control everything
  • You consider yourself type A and an overachiever 
  • You feel you are heavily in your masculine - always doing, always focused on achieving the next thing
  • You feel disconnected from your body and your intuition
  • You feel tired, drained and overworked (potentially even in a burnout cycle) and have hit your enough is enough point 
  • Want to create a more feminine based way of working and creating success
  • You are open to seeing things differently and ready to create a new way of working for yourself 
  • Want LIVE in-person support in implementing this framework, processes and your rhythm of rest (first round only!)

If you had one or more "yes" then there's your answer!


Do you trust yourself? Enough to show up and commit to this transformation?  

Because then this investment is a no brainer! Literally LESS THAN 60€ a week for all this information, support, and deep transformation. If money is no object, then what’s stopping you? LEAN IN to TRUSTING YOURSELF. If you can trust yourself THIS ONCE, then this course is going to teach you to do it throughout the rest of your life!



Ready to tap into your feminine path to success? 



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So by now you're seeing that this is like no other course you've ever seen before, teaching the feminine art of success through the realm of rest!

When you make the decision to join us, you are not simply investing in another course.


This course is an investment in the rest of your life, the success you are able to create and the ease with which you are able to do it with. 


The knowledge and tools you will receive over these 8-weeks are enough to completely & immediately change your reality and unlock this “secret” that there is in fact an easier way to work and create success… and yes, I can confidently say THIS WILL CHANGE the rest of your life.


If you're waiting to feel less overwhelmed... 


Why wait to rest for your success? To have more time and more energy and more ease? If you’re waiting for a time when you will have less going on or be less overwhelmed in life in order to implement this work, that time will not come unless you start changing HOW you are showing up NOW.


Why wait for another year to pass where you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and in and out of your burnout cycle… when you can CHANGE the way you create success today?


So, What if This Year...


  • What if this year, you decide there is another way to create success and you choose that path of ease for yourself? By making rest a core part of the massive success you create?

  • What if you stopped living on the verge of burnout and feeling always drained?

  • What if you finally truly felt that you were doing enough and you SAW the proof through the results flowing through to you?

  • What if you had the tools to effortlessly help you tap into flow to efficiently get the work done when you felt called and then knew when to lean back and just let it go, and go hangout with your bestie/kids/partner and paint the town?

  • What if you choose ease and abundance over hustle and stress?

  • What if you felt as though you were exactly where you are meant to be and that everything is truly happening for you, at the exact right time? 

  • What would massively shift in your life if you were living in alignment with your body so that you effortlessly manage your energy, bend time and live in receiving mode where you get to attract anything you want by doing less?


It literally is a choice - and it’s all YOURS. 


Let me show you how easily you can create success by tapping into your infinite feminine wisdom.


To guide you in stepping into the feminine first approach so that you can reincorporate all the things you have been taught to suppress & disregard, and take back your power and show up in your authentic purpose


Join me on this amazing journey and your next adventure of resting for your success. And finally learn what it feels like to have BOTH your success AND your well-being. You get to have it ALL. 


I can't wait to be the one to take you there!

See you inside! 

xx Olivia 

I am ready to Activate my Feminine Superpower & Magnetise my Success


 ONLY 297€ UNITL NOV. 28th