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Fall Into Productivity 3 Day Challenge

Are you ready to dive back into work without losing yourself
in the overwhelming hustle and grind?


The perfect pairing to your Time-Expander Planner to really hit the ground running as your most productive self with all the strategies that will support you in getting more done in less time.


It's time to dive into the 3-day challenge to Fall into Productivity:
Getting Your Fresh Start Back to Work with Ease and Efficiency 


Here's the quick 3 day overview: 

  • Day 1: The Power of Priority Method to solidify your aligned flow strategy for the next Quarter
  • Day 2: Checking your Vitals so that you can bring your body back into the equation of HOW you are working to create ultimate balance in your aligned business/work/life to maximise your approach and efficiency 
  • Day 3: Creating your micro strategy where we are setting up your "Weekly to Daily Flow" (a custom Decluttered Intentions method, for your new "to-do" process minus the overwhelm) so you can harness productivity and ditch the overwhelm and overworking 


Do you remember that back to school feeling? Getting a new notebook or that first day of school outfit? Remember how exciting it was to get back into the groove after a summer where structure felt far far away?

Yes, no, maybe? Or was I the only nerd?

Regardless, fall marks the end of the summer and the start of getting back into things.

You know you need to get back to work, but you want it to be different this time.

You don't want to go back into the hustle and grind.

You don't want to slip back into half committing to a structure where you easily tell yourself "I'll just do it later" until there is no later and Netflix becomes bae.

You don't want to feel like you're running behind your business and life.

You don't want your biz to take away from your relationships and vice versa. Can't they just live in harmony?!

You no longer want to feel like you are doing the absolute most, to the point where you're too overwhelmed to truly do any of it properly (or at all).

Whether you took time to rest this summer because you realized how badly you needed a break, or if you pushed through that feeling and hustled it out, now it's time to dive back in but with a new perspective and approach to productivity with ease.


Being able to get back into the flow of work with complete ease...

But it's different this time, because...

  • You are more aligned in how you want to be working
  • You have clear systems in place to own your productivity
  • Work becomes easy and fun because you are working smarter and achieving more by doing less (Who doesn't want that?!).

Through the aligned productivity methods I will be teaching you in this free three day challenge, you will be given all the tools to set up the final quarter of 2020.


Over the three days you will learn how to:

  • Plan out your final months of this year/the next quarter with complete clarity
  • Identify your vitals so you work smarter (and less) whilst still achieving your goals.
  • Create your aligned productivity method that works for YOU and your business so that you show up to work everyday with ease and excitement.

Why try and figure it out yourself or wait until the feelings of overwhelm creep in, when you can just sign up right now and create your dream work feels?!


Purchase the Fall Into Productivity Challenge today and get started right away!


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