Here's exactly why the work we do together is SO powerful, transformational, and down-right life-changing. There is a clear, tested, and proven process behind everything I teach you and the purpose of each coaching option.

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See, you're already ready to make a change.

You’ve been doing the most. Trying to implement all the strategies. Feeling like you’re wearing ALL the hats. But you are done with overwhelm and overworking! And you’ve come to the right place.

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I know where you're at, because I've been there... 

>>You’ve got a to-do list that is miles long and you constantly feel like you’re in marathon mode, running after all of it.

>>You are trying to “do it all.” You feel the burnout is coming with all the freebies, courses, workbooks, and coaching offers, but you feel like you need it all to create momentum. The truth: you’re more stuck than ever.

>>You don’t feel productive enough when you are working, yet you’re constantly thinking about all the things you still need to do, and what’s up next on your list.

>>You feel guilty and stressed about the fact that you should be working when you take a break.

>>You’re stressed before you even begin. You know you need a better system for organizing, planning goals, and time-management, but you don’t know where to start.

>>YOU, the badass ruler of your life, are ready to stop settling and truly start living in time freedom! 


We need to deep dive into your Intentions for ultimate clarity, Aligned Methodology of working, and Mindset & Embodiment to unlock your next level of creating a work-life balance that oozes with purpose, productivity and time-freedom, that doesn’t have you doing #allthethings.

Let me paint you a picture...

The only way to have time-freedom, is to start NOW, not waiting for when you achieve your goal.


Creating your time-freedom NOW, as you work towards your next level goal in business, in your career, or in your life (think health, relationships, finances), is the only way to actually sustain the balance you desire and be living in alignment once you achieve that next level.   

Unless you are shifting your relationship with time, managing your energy, and breaking through your mindset blocks around work now, nothing will change when you hit that next level.

Let me be the FIRST to tell you that it gets to feels EASEFUL and be SIMPLE!  

It's time to stop bowing down to the hustle culture and toxic productivity that states you have to push through to "make it happen".

Give yourself permission to change the narrative and step into your aligned way of working so that you creating a life, not just a living. 

Let's determine what option is the best fit for you!

Here's what I know to be true from my signature

Time-Freedom & Feminine Flow Framework: 


It's 100% possible for you to start working less, achieving your next level goals with more quickly and effortlessly, and actually have the time-freedom 


My life changed when I began clearing the beliefs I had around working, implementing structures that no longer confined me, and I became incredibly intentional about how I wanted to be spending my time... and it brought me back into balance and alignment. But it was a LONG journey of duct taping together methods to create some sort of patchwork structure (at first). 


Without this system and framework, I lived in a consistent state of stress and anxiety (without even realizing it). I was constantly getting physically sick and feeling like I needed to do more. I was super organized so I knew how to get sh*t done but I was playing out toxic productivity and I felt drained, exhausted, and was always "pushing through" to get it all done.


Alignment was the missing piece. Being in "flow" is not something that came naturally to me (hence my overachiever toxic productivity status), however learning how to pair alignment, intuition and feminine flow with my extensive knowledge of type-a organization and productivity, is how I shifted out of my burnout cycle, built up a successful business with ease, and created the time-freedom framework.


I started out as a declutter consultant but quickly pivoted into coaching on mindset decluttering, which brought me to coaching on alignment for creating time-freedom. I am a certified Life and Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and EFT & TIME Techniques Practitioner. As a once type-a perfectionist, my strategies blend the balance between structures and organization with flow and fun.


The ultimate goal: to bring the feminine flow back into your masculine way of working. 


The strategies and methodologies in the Time Freedom Framework that I teach are proven strategies I have created to change my own life and the lives of my clients. I truly believe that we do not need to work ourselves into the ground to create success and that you can have the balance and ease you desire RIGHT now, as you journey with clarity towards your next level goal.

Next level goals such as...

  • Starting your business
  • Landing your dream job
  • Selling out your product or service 
  • Writing your novel 
  • Becoming a published author
  • Hitting a specific income (monthly or overall)
  • Attract your soulmate (biz partner, client, life partner)
  • Create 25-30 hour work weeks
  • Take an extended vacation without doing work (or feeling guilty)
  • Spending more time with your kids, partner, family
  • Wellness goals such as creating a solidified sleep routine so that you have more energy
  • *Insert your next level goal here*


You need to be the visionary so you can show up for yourself and attract the life you want.

I will pick up the mental load, see the gaps, and come to you and say, “Here’s what you want your life to look like, and this is how we are going to do to clear the blocks, streamline your biz and create your time-freedom.”


Here's how my proven framework will get you the results you are looking for:

Intention & Mindset

You may have heard this 100 times before, but I'm going to say it again - MINDSET is everything. You need an unshakable mindset when it comes to believing you can work less and still create massive success (because you can).

Together we are going to clarify what your time-freedom vision looks like and shift your mindset so that you have a healthy and expansive relationship with time & productivity (the masculine) and rest & intuition (the feminine). 

Aligned Strategies

(The Divine Masculine)

I know, I know. You're on the hunt for that "perfect" strategy. And I'm go to be honest... the reason you haven't found it yet is because you're only focused on the strategy. 

We need to redefine the value you place on your structure and implement your customised aligned strategies that enable you to streamline your work and spend more time living your life.

Living and working sustainably means creating the systems and structures now that allow you to already live out your time-freedom life.

Feminine Flow

(The Sacred Feminine)

Bring in flow is that secret spice that we are reintroducing into the dominant way of working. I teach you how to use your customised structures for ultimate balance and how to harness your energy to uplevel your productivity, all within the framework of allowing your structure to guide you, not confine you.

Understanding how to manage your energy and embody your next level self is going to be your VIP key to unlocking any next level goal you have your soul desires, along with the time-freedom lifestyle to go along with it.

Not sure where to start or what the best fit is for you?


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