The Feminine Flow Blueprint

Step into the Magnetism of Your Feminine Super-Power

Activate your inner Feminine Flow CEO by establishing your custom flow blueprint.

Get ready to tap into your feminine energy, create a clear strategy and structure for how you are meant to be working & resting in order to live a life of balance, time-freedom, ease, and more abundance. 

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I wanna chat about if this is the right fit for me first!

I'm implementing the exact strategy steps so why the F am I not getting the results!? What's wrong with me?!

I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator and just get sh*t done, then maybe I would see some forward momentum...and stop feeling like I don't have enough time.

God, I'm so tired! How is it that I can be so tired and so unmotivated at the same time? All I want is to get the momentum flowing but why do I feel so stuck?

Ugh, I just don't know what to do. Maybe what I need is just a BETTER structure so that this will finally work? 


Does it sound like I'm in your head? That's only because that is exactly what the thoughts in my head once sounded like. 


We've all had that moment where we've felt so worn out, looping in a burnout cycle between feeling on top of things and feeling like we're drowning...wishing and wondering WHEN the day will come when you wake up and think, "damn, this is exactly the life I've been dreaming of and now it's here!" Instead, day in and day out, you're in a state of constant war and chaos with your to-do list, your time, and I won't even get you started on that book you're dreaming of publishing or the business you want to build your empire around. 


Maybe the strategies you've been using to get shit done, to make money, to run your business, to organize your life and family have worked at times...but they leave you feeling like you need to always be "controlling" and tend to easily crumble when not every part is working 100% perfectly all the time. Truth be told, it's simply not sustainable and you're feeling the burden on your own physical, emotional, and mental well-being, as you continue sacrificing yourself for your (or other people's) success.


Whatever you are experiencing, being an ambitious & high achieving woman empowered in your purpose can leave you feeling like you need to be "on" all the time if you want to achieve all the things you feel like you are here to create. I'm here to tell you; you don't need one more complicated strategy or one more thing to "fall short on". You need to come back to yourself, so that you can connect with your divine feminine energy...your inner "included" superpower to be guided into your success as your own version of Superwoman

The truth is... 

Your work-style is the foundation to every success in your life, yet you've (we've all) been taught confining, strict and masculine heavy structures that leave you in a cycle of burnout.  

But, you also don't need yet another strategy for time-management or to be more productive...

What you need is to heal & reincorporate the rejected feminine into how you are working. When you are tapped into your feminine energy, you don’t actually need to work so hard to get the results you want…and truthfully, the more aligned you are and the less you are doing, the greater your results actually become.


The Feminine Flow Blueprint 

A completely expansive and high touch experience to activate your inner Feminine Flow CEO, so you can instantly start creating more time, expanding your energy and magnetising your next level goal successfully by doing less.

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The Feminine Flow Pillars: 



We begin by getting rooted with where you currently are, why you are here, and what your greater purpose and vision is. Your astrological chart contains your cosmic balance code, which will allow us to see what your unique balance needs and requirements are, where your energetic leaks are, and where you are meant to be focusing your energy and how you are meant to be tapping into productivity for ultimate success.



This is all about understanding what requires nurturance in your life and work... in other words, this is where and how we will begin infusing sustainable balance back into your life. We will be looking at where you have been leaning too much into an unhealthy masculine energy in hustling for your success, and begin incorporating the divine feminine. This is also where we will identify your "thorns" (or challenges) and go into NLP and mindset work to clear your path ahead. 



Finally, we will activate your Feminine Flow Blueprint and establish your aligned strategy. This is about taking clear action, where you can lock in your next level goal and know exactly how to magnetize your vision through the path of least resistance and maximum ease. 

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Here's what you'll be walking away with at the end of the week:


  • You will have have activated your inner Feminine Flow CEO - This is more than just tapping into your feminine energy. This is about walking away with a clear strategy and structure for how you are meant to be working from the feminine first in order to live a life of balance, time-freedom, ease, and more abundance.
  • Your custom Feminine Flow Blueprint so that you know exactly how to magnetize success to you with less effort.
  • You have expanded your wealth & activated abundance of time & ease. This is your new energetic way of being, where you are not only calling in your bigger goal but naturally this energy work is now expanding into every single area of your life.
  • You have cultivated a deep connection to your inner divine feminine Goddess with infinite wisdom, guidance and radiant magnetism to what you desire.



  • The initial 90 minute deep dive coaching session into creating your feminine flow blueprint through the 3 flow phases: Root, Bud, and Bloom 

  • Integration of the cosmos for your customized cosmic balance (astrological chart) & an audit of your current strategies
  • A week of Telegram support for activating your feminine flow blueprint that we map out on our initial session
  • A 30 minute Integration call to make any final adjustments, anchor in the shifts, and identify your next steps from this new level 
  • A PDF summarizing your custom Blueprint, delivered straight to your inbox within 24 hours after the initial session 
  • Questionnaires prior to both calls   


🌷 You are ready to truly reclaim your inner feminine power and want to take the first BIG step into this journey by unlocking your inner blueprint

🌷 You are ready to get results in your career, business and personal goals through rest and ease

🌷 You are an ambitious high-achieving woman who desires to create MORE but you don't want to burn yourself out in the process (or already have) & no longer want to sacrifice your well-being for this success

🌷 You are ready to let go of the old paradigms of working and activate your new feminine path to success

🌷 You are coachable and ready to make serious changes in your life and have a willingness to be radically honest with me and yourself, about where you are at, what’s not working and where you need support 


 ❌ If you are looking for another quick fix strategy for time-management, productivity or balance and just want me to give you a magic structure to follow

❌ You want to work and hustle your way to more success; more clients, more income, that promotion, that relationship…

❌ You don’t believe in energetics and are not open to exploring this new territory 

❌ You are not ready to expand your wealth, potential, unleash your inner goddess power and wisdom, and would like to stay in your comfort zone


Tasha H.

Olivia, thank you so so so much for that, it was honestly 20000 times more than I was truly expecting and everything you said, everything you got me thinking about was just eye-opening in the MOST positive way. I’m SO happy I voice messaged you about booking a call.

Allyson S.

Now… post coaching with Olivia my entire way of existence has changed. I have learned how to work only when I feel energetically aligned to do so, AND how to get into that state of energetic alignment in a holistic way.

Cara G.

Olivia and I chatted about deconstructing my mindset around validation & gaining clarity on my happiness-vision so I can begin to embody my next level self. She’s helping me release my *very* enneagram 3 tendencies in my life and business so that I feel good in the day-to-day & can continue to serve lots of people.

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Want to talk it out?  

Oh girl, I get it! I'm the queen of talking things out and it helps me so much to process all my thoughts to tune into my intuition and find out if something is a full body YES for me. 


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Activate your Custom Blueprint to Become a Feminine Flow CEO...

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