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By leaning into your feminine and reclaiming your inner wisdom & power you will create work-life balance, expanded results and easeful success in your life, business, and career



at 6pm CEST




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*Since this is a monthly event, there is a different theme or topic for each workshop. Once you register, you will also get access to the original Workshop that breaks down the 3 Pillars to the Feminine First Approach.


This constant drain of energy and belief that you need to overwork yourself to be successful is what happens when you work in your MASCULINE, & it's
actually been BLOCKING you from bigger results in your success...


Are you living too much in your masculine? 

  • Do you feel burnt out? 

  •  Do you feel drained? 

  •  Are you a procrastinator?

  •  Do you feel like you can’t conquer your to-do list? 

  • There's so much that you don't even know where to start (or how)?
  •  Are you feeling unproductive? 

  •  Are you feeling like goals aren’t being met? 

  •  Are you rushing around? 

  •  Are you working all hours? 

  • Do you rate your day based on how productive you've been?
  •  Do you skip your morning routine and jump right into work? 

  •  Are you overly structured? Do you need structure to feel in control?

  •  Do you write out your to-do lists 10 times? 

  •  Do you feel like you never have enough time? 

  •  Are you overwhelmed with everything you need to do & remember?  


If you answered YES to ANY of the above, you are spending a LOT of your time in your masculine, because society says you ALWAYS NEED to be striving and always need to be productive towards some next goal... But all this masculine energy is burning you out.




>>You've recognized that you spend most of your time in your masculine energy - doing, planning, executing - and not enough in your feminine - being creative, going slow, playing, resting. 


>>The masculine qualities you feel are expected of you to show up and prove your worth, value, and success, are exhausting & burning you out... and leaving you in a cycle of procrastination. 


>> You're DONE sacrificing your well-being for your success. You desire to tap back into this feminine energy inside of you and to understand what that would even look like in your busy and goal orientated life.


The secret sauce truth is, by being MORE in your feminine, you actually have the opportunity to EXPAND your results. Are you ready to find out how?


I'm Ready to Tap into this SUPERPOWER!


THE POWER OF THE FEMININE is exactly what I am going to be teaching YOU...


Here's what you're going to be gaining, finding, and creating by joining this workshop: 


  • You KNOW your POWER. You are strong, limitless, wise and fully sovereign and whole. You show up authentically (and feel safe doing so) and always speak your truth.
  • No matter how chaotic life gets and no matter what is thrown your way, you stay grounded and know how to let your inner knowing guide you to the right solution

  • You flow through life effortlessly and get what you want with ease. What if you didn’t have to push yourself so hard to achieve your goals? What if you could magnetize what you wanted and do 50% less in order to get the outcome?



What if you had the strateiges that didn't push you to do more, but that allowed you to tap into a deeper wisdom where all answers, possibilities, and solutions are right at your finger tips. 


You, my dear, are expansive and powerful, and all your success and solutions are held inside of you... your job is to unlock the door to that inner power.


Are you ready?  

Ready to step into a life where you lead, succeed, and expand with a Feminine First approach? 


Because I'm ready to connect with you & show you HOW!