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Rest for Success 

The 8-week On-Demand Feminine Embodiment Experience 

Magnetise success by tapping into the feminine approach to work & doing less


 An 8-week self-study course to teach you how to step into leading, living, and creating success through your divine feminine.  Through creating your rhythm of rest you will establish a sustainable system to living with balance and working in flow, effortlessly managing your energy, & bending time.  As a result, you live life in receiving mode and become absolutely magnetic to everything you want in your life, and actually attract it by doing LESS. 



Aligned Productivity Academy (APA)

3 month Group Coaching Experience 

In the 3-month hybrid group coaching program, with a combination of on demand pre-recorded videos and live-coaching, we will be creating your unique work-style so that you can live in your dream lifestyle. In this course, I am teaching you how to work from the "healthy masculine energy" so that you can harness your productivity and start having more time, energy, and ease for your life and in how you are working.

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About the courses: 

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As you may have figured out by now, everything I do, I do with intention. This includes how thoroughly thought out and transformational my courses are. With a combination of coaching, teaching and implementation tools, you will have all you need create your desired "work-style" and work-life with your unique feminine path to success, as well as curate your time-freedom lifestyle.


Rest For Success is a brand NEW course that will be teaching you how to tap into your feminine power and implement rest a core foundation of your strategy for how you are working in order to create BIGGER results and faster SUCCESS.


If Rest For Success teaches you the feminine energetic side  (healing the wounded feminine and stepping out of the cycle of the harmful masculine), then the Aligned Productivity Academy (APA), teaches you how to implement healthy and sustainable masculine energetic strategies so that you create your custom work-style and easily know how to work in flow & alignment.

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