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The Social Media Blackout & How to get back into Alignment

align your time aligned productivity energy management mindset management Oct 07, 2021

I’m about to share a SUPER unpopular opinion…


When the Facebook IG and WhatsApp blackout happened on Monday, this was the thought process I had: 


  1. Confusion - what’s happening and why are all these things not loading but my wifi is still working 
  2. Understanding - everyone across the entire world is experiencing this same blackout
  3. Calmness - wow this feels so nice, I’d actually feel okay staying like this..


I literally said this out loud: I would actually be happy if this marked the end of these platforms.




I know - that’s coming from someone who literally runs her entire business on these platforms.


But it goes to show you that 1. You don’t own your creations on here (they own you) and 2. How much anxiety was I unconsciously holding onto in relation to these platforms before realizing how calm I felt without them 


Let me explain to you why I’m sharing this with you. Because it’s not actually about these platforms at all…


I want you to consider how many things you are doing and taking on in your life simply because its the standard thing to do - because that’s what everyone else is doing, or that’s just the way you’re meant to run your business or show up in this job.


Really consider that.


I’m willing to be that there are probably a lot of things that don’t really feel all that good… or that are causing you stress or anxiety… 


Either you KNOW that they are causing you anxiety but you choose to ignore it because you don’t see an opportunity to change anything.


OR you don’t even know it’s having this effect on you (i.e. like Social Media was for me).


I know, it feels yucky to look at something and realize it’s not feeling good.


HOWEVER, this is a POWERFUL moment because you are recognising that something is not in alignment for you.


And when you have this realization, and you experience what it could be like without it (which is what usually happens when you stop forcing yourself in one direction and pause to look around), you can tap into how you want to feel instead. 


This is how you begin shifting back into alignment. The stress and anxiety are not things to push away and ignore. They are quite literally the indicators that let you know that something is not longer feeling good.


Now, this is not to say there aren't still stressful situations or times where anxiety comes up, and sometimes it's important to have those emotions so that you can step into being brave and courageous and overcome the fears. But I want to be clear - those situational or momentary fears are different from the constant pressure, stress, or anxiety that you may be living in.


Realign your life, your time and your energy


Think about where stress and anxiety is showing up in your life and how that can be a call to realign yourself and do things different (even if it means being unconventional). 


Once you have identified the areas where stress is more ocnatnat 


Share with me what comes up for you in the comments.


Me? I’m beginning to map out a new way to do business that doesn’t require me to focus all my energy so heavily here on these platforms. 



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