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Align & Allow The Magic of Cycle Syncing for Optimal Productivity & Alignment

align & allow aligned productivity cycle syncing episode replay Oct 20, 2021
Decluttered Intentions
Align & Allow The Magic of Cycle Syncing for Optimal Productivity & Alignment

ALIGN & ALLOW Ep. 16:  Cycle Syncing Magic: Harness Your Inner Power for Doing Less


Tune into learn:

  •  What alignment even is and why you’re having a hard time locating it
  •  What your vortex is and how to use it (like your own personal superhero superpower)
  •  The three step process to activating alignment (and why it’s the exact opposite to everything you’ve ever been taught)


Your aligned action for this Align & Allow Ep.:

Pull up your calendar and plan a small window of rest for your next “winter season”.


If you’re done with never feeling like you have enough time and energy and sick of being run by your to do list, let's chat on a coaching consultation call. They were super successful last time, with the ladies walking away with actual next steps and implanting their do less strategy for taking back their time and energy.


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Have you ever thought about just how magical things work?


Just think about nature… it KNOWS what to do in the springtime, to blossom and boom, and in the fall it knows that it’s time for the leaves to change and the crops to be harvested,


And in the winter, nature knows to sleep. To get quiet. To hibernate. 


Yes, there is science behind it, but let’s just focus on the cyclical rhythm itself.


That is beautiful. That is magical.


Here’s the thing: You live on this planet. You are part of these rhythms. And you have these rhythms inside you as well.


You have your daily cycle of increased cortisol and then that spike of melatonin that calms you for sleep.


You have your own cycle throughout the month, if you’re a menstruating person or the moon goes through its own rhythm throughout the month between new and full moon, that you can follow along with.


The problem is, that in the culture of hustling and toxic productivity, you have been taught to: 


  1. Ignore your body
  2. Disregard your intuition
  3. Take dominant structures as truth 


Which are, that we live in a 24 hour society.


Everything on the to-do list needs to get done today. And if not, you feel like the day was unproductive, am I right?


I know I am, because I lived in that belief for YEARS.


Learning about the magic of cycles in nature is a way for you to reconnect back to your own cycles, and create seasons of ebbs and flows in your life.


Just like nature needs its hibernation in winter, you my dear, need rest within all the work. 


Learning how to harness the cycles around you and within is an incredible tool for expanding your time, optimizing your productivity and ditching the feeling of never doing enough.


Listen to the audio replay of Align & Allow Ep 15 above, where I am be sharing exactly how to harness this magic of cycle syncing.


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