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Align & Allow Ep 23: How to Plan for a Restful Time Off

align & allow episode replay rhythm of rest Dec 15, 2021
Decluttered Intentions
Align & Allow Ep 23: How to Plan for a Restful Time Off


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If the overwhelm and busyness feels true for you, take one minute... THIS is for you, my dear!


Part of being able to benefit from the  “science of rest” means actually being able to really take time off and away from work and being able to disconnect. 


That means setting yourself up for your time off before you take it, and then having a rough plan in place for when you come back to work so that you don’t get those “Sunday scaries” the day before and end up going back to work before you intended to. 


Join me for this week’s short and effective Align & Allow Episode: How to Plan for a Restful Time Off & tune in to learn:

  • How rest is so crucial for your success and why your pre-vacation hustle isn’t helping (and is actually doing more harm)
  • What steps are crucial for you to take before your break to ensure things run smoothly and you can ease the anxiety 
  • Things to determine for the New Year (or time following your break) that will benefit your time off greatly


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Get my 5 step processes for planning for a restful time off, how to truly be in a place of rest (not recovery), and come back to work with ease (not more anxiety about being behind)


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