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Align & Allow Ep 21: The REAL reason “NOW is not the right time”

align & allow align your time aligned productivity declutter episode replay time freedom time management Nov 25, 2021
Decluttered Intentions
Align & Allow Ep 21: The REAL reason “NOW is not the right time”


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I KNOW you are an ambitious human, with so many things that you feel you want, need, and can do in this lifetime… but there’s just ONE PROBLEM… HOW do you find the time to do it all? 


 Plus, how do you make time NOW to organize your time for later, so that you can take days off and shut down work at 4pm, when you don’t even have time NOW??


If you often hear yourself say, “I want to do that, but right now is just not the right time”...


Tune into this week's Align & Allow Episode to learn:

  • Why “waiting for the right time” to do this work is deeply hurting your progress and success,
  • How to find the time to do it all without sacrificing relationships, jobs, money, or yourself and your own well being,
  • The reason you don’t currently have enough time and the strategy piece for making the time so that you can start to consistently have more of it.


Your aligned action step:

Join the upcoming Banish the Burden of Time Masterclass, to learn how to always have enough time, tap into the art of aligned productivity, and say goodbye to procrastination, perfectionism, and overworking for good.






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