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Align & Allow Ep 18: If you want to DO LESS, you have to do this before you do anything else

align & allow episode replay mindset management nlp Nov 03, 2021
Decluttered Intentions
Align & Allow Ep 18: If you want to DO LESS, you have to do this before you do anything else


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Tune into learn:


>> The number one thing you need to be focusing on first in order to ditch the procrastination and growing to do lists that are preventing you from being able to do less

>> How to identify what your “root” is to why you are not able to actually do less and create more time 

>> The exact strategy for easing into productivity instead of “forcing yourself” to stop procrastinating (cause let’s be honest, that never really works!)


Your aligned action for this Align & Allow Ep.:

Test out the ebb and flow strategy we talk about in this episode.


If you’re done procrastinating and feeling like you are not moving fast enough, even though you are doing ALL THE THINGS (god, that’s exhausting), read the post below and then click the link at the bottom to book in a zero pressure call for us to chat about what your nexts steps are towards working in ease and productivity, with the right systems and structures.



Here’s how to work smarter not harder to achieve your next level goal:


Without a doubt, the number one thing my clients say they want is a better structure so that they can actually be better at managing their time.


Sound like you? 


They are busy entrepreneurs, starting their business (often alongside another job) and they have so many ideas but don’t know where to start or what strategies to put in place to get them the results that they want


They are working professionals who have big ambitious goals but are  overwhelmed with all the things they want and need to do, they don’t feel they are moving forward fast enough and they struggle to find the time and energy to get it all done 


They are moms who are building their businesses or working multiple jobs, and juggling it all, feeling scattered and stressed, wanting that clear structure 

And they all have one thing in common - just like you, they want that magic formula, that spell bound calendar that will give them more time and ensure they get everything done beautifully with more than enough time.


Now, I am here to tell you, that my clients DO walk away with this magic. 


  • They do know how to manage their time and expand their energy.


  • They do end up having enough time to get through all their work AND make it to after school pick up AND have spontaneous mid week coffee’s with your bestie AND take Fridays off to go hiking.


And that is what true success is, my loves.


So what is the actual MAGIC formula then?? 




I know you want that quick fix pill that will just make everything flow beautifully, but until you identify WHY you are stressed out all the time, and what is causing you to overworking, and the root cause of your procrastination, it doesn't matter how many beautiful colour coded systems you have.


If you still have the BELIEFS that are creating cycles of overworking, procrastination, perfectionism or people pleasing… you will continue to stay in their cycles.


>>You believe you have to work hard, which means long hours, to prove that you care.


>>You believe that only when you do things perfectly, you will get praise and recognition.


>>You believe that how much you work is a direct reflection of your value as a person. 


No shame in the belief game - trust me, I’ve had all of these beliefs. But be honest with yourself, does it sound familiar? 


Then mindset is your magic answer.


Once you HAVE the mindset, then you can easily implement the RIGHT systems where you actually DO start doing less. 


If you are ready to get to the bottom of your mindset so that you can actually allow for the “perfect system” to work for you and free up your time, click the link in my bio to book a zero pressure call where we can chat about how you can do exactly that.

Are you ready to seriously uplevel your way of working and create a new foundation for HOW you are living your life with the time-freedom you've been dreaming of, because you now know how to do less?

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