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Align & Allow Ep 22: How to Work and Rest based on the Cosmos

activate alignment align & allow aligned productivity episode replay rhythm of rest Dec 08, 2021
Decluttered Intentions
Align & Allow Ep 22: How to Work and Rest based on the Cosmos


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Did you know, I’ve spent the last few months studying and getting certified in astrology?


This is honestly NOT a path I would’ve foreseen for myself. I used to think horoscopes were silly (and depending on where you’re reading them, some still are) and I really didn’t think there was any weight to this information.


Still, I was interested. Almost 4 years ago, I had my birth chart read for the first time and I was so intrigued to know more and understand myself better.


The thing was, so much of how my chart was explained to me was interesting but not helpful in actually putting it into practice… and if you’ve been hanging out with me long enough, you know that I’m all about that aligned action - aka putting things into practice!  


For the last year, I have been consistently incorporating my own practices, organizing my work and rest by the planets, and learning how to tap into the energy of the zodiac season to identify for myself when to best take action and when to slow down.


That is why I embarked on this journey to truly be able to share this information with you, through the lens of my work, teaching you to work in your flow and create your desired work life balance and time-freedom. 


It’s because the way you live and show up in your life and work productively and create success, is unique TO YOU! And so therefore, so should your strategy for doing all those things. And the best way to create a strategy like that, is knowing YOURSELF. And that is exactly what astrology and the cosmos help us do!


Join me for this week’s Align & Allow Episode: How to Work and Rest based on the cosmos


  •  Why astrology and the cosmos play a huge role in how you create balance
  • Using your birth chart to identify how you are meant to work and how you are meant to rest (
  • Why it’s so important to ditch the status quo of how you are working (because it is actually hurting you now) and create your unique path to success.


Aligned action - drop your MOON and MARS signs below!

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