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Let's just cut to the chase!


Girl, I see you. You are struggling with wanting so much for your life (which is freaking AMAZING that you are so inspired and driven), but you're struggling because you’re not sure exactly where to start, what to execute, and how to stay focused and productive through the process, so that you actually feel you are moving forward (fast!).


Here’s the thing: You don’t have to hustle hard and work yourself into the ground to reach your next level, and in fact, that societally taught approach is holding you back. 


You’ve achieved success up until this point, but it never feels like enough. You still don’t have the freedom you desire to live your life on your terms, be financially free and have total control of your time.


When your head hits the pillow, you become overwhelmed by your to-do list for the next day and it feels frustrating as no matter how much you've done that day, you never quite feel like you can relax without feeling guilty. 


You feel constantly weighed down by your structure (or lack thereof), wondering why everyone else seems to have "figured it out" and yours just makes you want to throw it out the window and scroll to ease your sorrows.


You're starting to wonder if you're ever going to reach that next level dream goal and lifestyle, especially if you're already feeling so drained, wondering how you'll sustain it and thinking "Ugh, I just need a nap!"


I know you're wondering how you can work more efficiently, reach your ambitious next level goal, AND do it all with total ease and balance... 


And I'm here to give you all the answers so that you can tap into alignment in work and in life, in order to achieve your next level goal whilst creating a life not just a living!

Why me? Why alignment? Why THIS course? 


I’ll tell ya. But first, a little back story: 


Throw back to 2 years ago and many many years leading up to that, I was BURNT OUT. At the time, I was finishing my studies, working, trying to stay committed to my blog, scrambling and overwhelmed with what I was going to do next.


Nothing seemed to be moving fast enough (or in some cases at all), despite the fact that I felt I was doing the most, working my ass off and still showing up for everyone else around me. 


I see you, because I was you.


 My life changed when I began clearing the beliefs I had around working, implementing structures that no longer confined me, and I became incredibly intentional about how I wanted to be spending my time... and it brought me back into balance and alignment. But it was a LONG journey of duct taping together methods to create some sort of patchwork structure (at first). 


I started out as a declutter consultant but quickly pivoted into coaching on mindset decluttering, which brought me to coaching on alignment for creating time-freedom. I am a Life and Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and EFT & TIME Techniques Practitioner. As a once type-a perfectionist, my strategies blend the balance between structures and organization with flow and fun.


The strategies and framework I teach are proven strategies I have created to change my own life and the lives of my clients. I truly believe that we do not need to work ourselves into the ground to create success and that you can have the balance and ease you desire RIGHT now, as you journey with clarity towards your next level goal.

And now we're going to do the same for you!

Get me on the Waitlist, I'm ready for ultimate alignment!

What is APA & is it for me?

⚡ This course will teach you the custom Aligned Productivity Method, where structure and strategy meet mindset and embodiment to truly get you to your next level goal with ease. 


⚡ The reason this works is because the most productive strategies are only focused on how you are managing your time or planning your tasks. When it comes to alignment, it is incredibly important to incorporate all parts of yourself and how you move through life into the process, which is exactly what the Aligned Productivity Method will incorporate for you long-term.  


⚡ The four main pillars of the method, making up four of the modules, are mindset management, energy management, aligned action management, and embodiment management. When you create alignment on an internal level, you are able to align effortlessly from the inside out.


⚡This offer is perfect for my ambitious peeps who are super structured, but find themselves overworking, and just constantly in hustle mode to achieve their next level. You may be checking things off the list or grinding hard but you don’t feel like you’re reaching your next level fast enough and you’re constantly feeling tired and drained. 


⚡ This offer is also tailor made for my ambitious peeps who know they are made for more, and may or may not have clarity in what that next level is.  You’re looking for the clear systems and structures that will allow you to finally commit and follow through on how you work and show up in order to achieve this goal. Gone are the days where you "hoped" you'd be productive or randomly felt motivated... you will hack into those times so that you become productive intentionally, when you need to be, and the scrolling or youtube temptations become non-existent when you've decided to work.


This offer is not for you if you've got that desired work balance, clarity, and time-freedom in your life - you go Glen Coco! If you're streamlined, stress-free, and easy breezy like a Sunday mornin' but you're still drawn to this course, DM me and we can chat!

Are You In Yet? 









What's inside the Aligned Productivity Academy? 

How does the Aligned Productivity Academy work?

The Aligned Productivity Academy is a self-study course, available to you in a "dip sequence", meaning each week starting on June 14th, a new module will be released for you to work through. However, since it is a self-study course, you can choose to work through the modules as they come out or go at your own pace. Since this is a course on productivity (and doing it the right way!) there is a bonus syllabus outlining two calendar set-ups you can choose from to guide you through the course to completion. 


The exclusive bonus you receive from joining the course during this launch, is a Facebook Group Community with exclusive Live Q&A Coaching, where you can connect with other ambitious action-takers creating their aligned productivity, ask your questions, and get support.

Module 1 - Meet Your Match

The biggest thing standing between you and your next level is that little voice inside your head. She can be such a biotch, am I right?! 

In this module, you’ll learn the in's and out's of the subconscious mind so that you can turn your frenemy into your BFF and ensure that the only voice you hear is you hyping yourself up.


Your next level is 100% possible, let’s use your subconscious mind to make it real: 

  • By understanding what lies beneath the surface (aka the inner workings of the subconscious mind) 
  • The loop of life, why you keep staying stuck in the same pattern, and how to breakout of the cycle 
  • Exactly how the subconscious mind can be your forever best friend and how to make sure she’s supporting you, always.


Training videos, calendars, & subconscious mind detective workbooks.


Module 2 - Mindset Management 

Together we are going to transform you into the powerful ambitious success you are… and make you believe it! The first order of business is to clarify your outcome and clear all the mindset clutter that is littering your path. 

You’ll be getting the proven process for goal setting that shifts you from reaching for the goal to knowing with total certainty that it's already done.  

Ready for TOTAL confidence and clarity?

  • Two remarkable lessons on cutting through the paralysis of clarifying your next level goal and the step by step process for creating your outcome
  • Two value packed lessons on productivity psychology, what’s been keeping you from focused work, and the step by step process to releasing those old ways of working.
  • The exact formula for identifying your priorities so that you can cut through the analysis paralysis 

Training videos, workbooks, & plug and play strategies.

Module 3 - Energy Management 

I’m uncovering my 3 main tactics for managing your energy before managing your time and breaking down the mindset shifts and psychology behind why working less allows for more productivity.


Think of the opportunities coming your way and you being able to effortlessly manage everything when the RIGHT energy management is put into place. 

  • How to identify your energy superpowers (and pitfalls)
  • Stop the burnout and overworking for good 
  • Ensure you’re not using rest as an excuse to avoid the overwhelm and stress (psst, that's when rest doesn't work in your favour).


Training videos, workbooks, & routine structures.

Module 4 - Aligned Action Management 

Tbh, I’m a strategy girl at heart, and for good reason seeing as I am the queen of organization and simplifying complicated processes (I’m a big believer that if it’s not straightforward, we’re not gonna wanna maintain it).

I’m giving you the ENTIRE playbook - from the big picture vision of mapping out your project flow and timeline, all the way down to the EXACT customizable systems for task planning and structuring your aligned actions on a day to day basis. 


I’m laying it ALL out, and together we are running full speed ahead, straight to your next level goal and aligned life.


Training videos, workbooks, & structure templates.

Module 5 - Embodiment Management 

Remember how I said I was a strategy girl at heart? Well, although I am, burnout is what happens when we only focus on strategy. In this final module, we are making sure that you are not just taking the surface level action, but actually creating your own habit and lifestyle out of this process.


This final module focuses on the strategies plus mindset to allow you to step into the identity of the version of you who has already achieved this next level goal. I’m taking your hand and walking you through this powerful upleveling process, that will tie together and solidify all the modules. 


Training videos, workbooks, vision boards, & high vibe habits.


If you're here, then I'm guessing time is of the essence, so here's a summarized play by play:


Module 1 teaches you everything you need to know about the subconscious mind in order to use it to your advantage, which is what will easily enable you to step into productivity and focus during work.

Module 2 dives into clarifying your next level goal by streamlining your priorities and clearing hustle beliefs holding you back from working with ease.

Module 3 teaches you all about energy management. How to do it, what it means to have it, why you don't have it right now.

Module 4 is giving you all the strategies - the only one's you truly need - to create your customized system for working in alignment. 

Module 5 will teach you how to embody your next level self so that you can achieve your goal effortlessly, as well as the lifestyle that goes alone with it.

⚡ Decluttered Intention Bonuses ⚡

Wait... There's MORE?!


⚡ Your customizable course calendar for you to take the fast track or flow road through the course, ensuring that you complete and uplevel


⚡Hypnosis meditation that you can listen to over and over for becoming the most productive version of yourself


⚡TIME techniques, the process of connecting with your timeline,  for placing your clarified next level goal on your timeline in order to truly make it real


⚡Bonus video for using anchoring to easily shift your energy so that you feel motivated and focused when you sit down to work


⚡EFT tapping bonus video for releasing negative emotions so that you can become the master of managing your energy so that working becomes fun and easy


⚡And many more NLP techniques so that you can harness the power of your mind to step into becoming your next level self, effortlessly. 


⚡ You will have access to this for FOREVA! This is lifetime access that you will always be able to come back to, rewatch and reuse as you continue to uplevel with each and every new goal you set!


This course is a step by step system that you can use each time you are identifying, planning out and stepping into your next level goal.


It is a permanent change program for creating lasting results in your work style and life balance. This is not just information, but most importantly transformation, giving you the necessary shifts for your life and systems that will become your habits in the way you are showing up and in turn creating your desired life by spending your time on your terms.

I’m not just giving you the fish, I’m taking you out fishin’ ladies! 

Ready to Elevate to Your Next Level In Alignment? 



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Pay In Full (BAM!)

Damn, Liv! Hitting us with an epic course price!


YEP! I believe in you + this course SO much. Let’s freakin’ do this. 

(fyi it’ll never be this deeply discounted again.)

So by now you're seeing that this ain't your average run-down on productivity and balance👏!

So what if this year 


You actually broke the hustle cycle and approached your next level with proven tools and balanced alignment that give you back time and increase your results.


What if you ditched all the strategies and methods that you've tried, but just never seemed to work for you, like forcefully time blocking, all those to-do list strategies, or that damn promodoro method everyone keeps talking about. 


What if you didn't disappear into a cave of stress and overwhelm 3 months while you bring your creation to life (as you usually do - no time for fun because otherwise you obviously don’t care enough)...


How would it feel if you could have a customized system in place for the exact steps you need to take to reach your next level, and plan it out so that you always know exactly what it is you need to be doing and you never have to work more than a few hours? 


How would it feel if you could if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you reached this next level goal and that the process of getting there was actually fun, easy and enjoyable? 


Then suddenly...


You're on your way to achieving your next level while actually enjoying and having time for living, being able to work when you want to work and rest when you want to rest. 


You're feeling successful, suddenly realising you've got all this extra time because you're on top of your to-do list... no longer is your to do list t something that you feel is trapping you, instead you are excited to complete it.


You know how good it feels to be productive and get tasks done and achieve your goals whilst having time to relax...  You find yourself thinking, "I guess I'll go relax on the couch?", almost not able to believe that this is now your new reality! (yup, no joke!). 


You know you did more than enough and you can chill out guilt free and indulge in the latest Netflix rave, or lock your computer away and spend your weekend laughing in the sun with your besties (margaritas anyone?


Just Imagine... 

Imagine finally accomplishing your next level goal that you’ve been trying to achieve for years and now it’s happened effortlessly & quickly, and you’re wondering why you waited so long to work towards your goal from a place of alignment... you're so glad you threw out your patchwork strategies & cleaned that spaghetti off the wall.


The problems you had before this course are gone and you feel on top of things, you feel lit up, you feel excited about life... you've achieved your next level goals in work and in life, and whats even better is that you now know how to get into aligned productivity and achieve your goals so you can use the same mindset work and strategies you you learnt in this course for your next goals.


You feel so impressed with yourself for saying YES to this course and you now have the tools to create permanent change... consider this the LAST course you’ll ever have to buy for working in alignment, having balance, and doing less to reach your goals. This is your ultimate time-freedom path!

I want it all!

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