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Hey, it's your girl Olivia! Time-Freedom CEO and fellow goal getter fellow goal-getter here to serve ambitious women (like YOU!), to ditch the hustle narrative and dominant masculine ways of working so that you can break out into your next level with feminine flow where you achieve your goals with ease, in alignment with your desired balance and time-freedom vision.

After years of burning out over my need to prove my worth through my work, adhere to masculine ways of working, and allow toxic relationships to guide my decisions, I hit my enough point and decided it was time to reconnect with my inner power, my wild goddess, and recreate the narratives and strategies of work-life balance and success. And I'm on a mission to help you do the same!


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"Now… post coaching with Olivia my entire way of existence has changed.

I know how to set up my schedule so that it works around my energetic alignment. I live in the state of high vibration and spend more time on my mindset than on physical work. I went from being a glass half empty to a glass overfilling with gratitude and joy.

I wake up peaceful and confident that I can do everything I need to get done by exerting less energy than I previously did. By doing this I have been able to attract my goal for the year (my own apartment) within the 3 months of coaching. My income went from $0 to $1000 a month. I am working my dream job about to move into my dream home and it 10000% would not have happened if Olivia had not taught be how to retrain my subconscious and live a high vibrational life. I will truly be forever thankful to her… she completely changed how I show up in the world.

Allyson S.
Queen of Thieves