VIP ALIGN YOUR TIME: 6 Month 1-1 Coaching 


Take back your time
(& call in a shit ton of  money, ease & energy) by stepping into your aligned way of working in your Feminine Flow

... with customized & hands on support

Get ready to transform your lifestyle, master your time,  increase your energy, and expand your results by infusing the feminine path to success into your way of working, creating, and living 


With 6 months of VIP Coaching

Investment: One Time Payment of 4,888€ or 6 monthly payments of 888€


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align over hustle


align over hustle

Hint... it doesn't look like anything you've seen before, and that's why it works! 


You are going to be the master of your time, being able to effortlessly create more of it, while working with total ease, having your customised and streamlined structures in place, that are simple and allow to consistently tap into flow and alignment.

Time-freedom is the foundation, which will then allow you to create the financial freedom you’ve been longing for, and it’s going to feel so much easier than you ever could have imagined. 

You will be working less because you have streamlined systems that are simple and successful. We as humans LOVE to overcomplicate things, but it really gets to be simple.


The “hustle and be as productive as possible in every single second” strategies and mindset is what landed me in a constant state of burnout and kept me stuck in overworking, never feeling like I was doing enough.

Breaking through the limiting beliefs of how we are taught to work and rest, and deciding that I could be successful with a different approach is why I have a successful growing business whilst working max 25-30 hours a week... where I am fully booked, launched a successful program, having consistent income months, and working with soulmate clients. 


 There’s more than enough time to go around when you become intentional with the way you show up and begin working in alignment. 


Here’s the thing: It does take some time and work upfront to be able to do less.

But it’s not the kind of work that our hustle society has taught us.

  • You don’t need to work 12+ hours a day to be successful. 
  • You don’t need to be run by your to-do list and tied to your phone every single moment.
  • You don’t have to push through the exhaustion or frustration to prove that you are deserving of rest. 

It’s about learning to work with your body, leverage your energy, and harness the power of your mind to create a different work and balance reality for yourself. 

It’s about getting the right support to figure out exactly what aligned work and balance looks like for you in your life, career, and business.

It’s about doing things YOUR way, based on YOUR intentions, and seeing more success than ever before.

Give me an ALIGNED AF "YES" if this sounds like what you've been searching for: 

  • Creating MORE success towards your next level goal, whether you are wanting to get fully booked, sell your program, land your dream job, or write and publish your novel… without adding more work to your days, so that you can do less and achieve more.
  • Truly embodying the successful version of yourself, as the badass productivity queen that you are, who effortlessly brings all her goals into her reality.
  • Strategically leveraging your time with customised systems and methodologies that streamline your work and give you back time.
  • Mastering the magic of mindset and energy management to know how to tap into productivity and focus, and also know when to really rest and relax (minus the guilt).
  • Having the balance you are longing for right now, where you are able to be present with your family and friends, take spontaneous weekend trips, plan fun vacations, and have time just for yourself (and all your passion projects), without feeling the pull together back to work.
  • You are done with the standard societal way of working that makes you feel like you are never doing enough and constantly falling short, when you know you are here to fulfil a deeper purpose and make BIG waves in this world… you’re just not sure how to do that without totally burning ourself out.
  • You are ready to take action and you are ready to throw out the rule book of everything you’ve heard about productivity and getting shi*t done, up until this point, and open to an immediate uplevel. 

It’s about shifting away from placing all the focus on the external structures and turning inwards, to reconnect to your intuition and tapping into alignment as your guidance to productivity and success.


It’s about embracing the simplicity and solidifying the mindset that it doesn’t take you doing “all the things” to create massive results and transformation. 


You’re ready to step into your next level goal and self with total clarity and ease, and without all the hustle.


You’re ready to harness you feminine flow and embody your powerful productivity that doesn’t require you to constantly be “on.”


You’re ready to show up, take-action, and align your life with your time-freedom vision.



Want a taste of what's waiting for you inside of our 4 months together?

Here's a quick tester for what's to come!


  • Shattering limiting beliefs around your next level goal and what is possible for you so that your next level goal no longer feels like a distant wish but 1000% possible, right now

  • Breaking through the dominant hustle narratives that are keeping you stuck in a loop of overworking so that you can work less whilst actually increasing your results and output

  • Mastering energy management so that you can leveraging and optimise your productivity by brining the body back into the equation, with an array of tools such as human design, cycle syncing, seasonal living, and cosmic energy.
  • Unbelievable clarity around your next level goal with the strategies and tools to actually get there, so that it happens quickly, effortlessly and with more ease and enjoyment.

  • Designing your signature custom aligned strategies for working in your balance that enables you to effortlessly tap into productivity when needed AND supports your time-freedom vision and lifestyle.

  • Creating your rhythm of rest so that turning off work feels possible and you can actually benefit from the time away, coming back to work more focused, productive, and creative. 

  • Embodying your next level self and doing the energy work (including pieces of astrology and manifestation tools) so that you know exactly how to attract your outcome into your reality.


If you’re anything like me (recovering overworked, perfectionist, and goal-getter), then I know that you are meant for more but it’s important that you can actually enjoy the outcome when you get there (and the process of getting there) instead of being constantly burnt-out.


Why are you settling for your normalised level of stress and busyness? 

I'm Ready, Olivia!

There's a very specific reason my clients are able to create MORE time, MORE ease, and MORE results...


And a very specific reason why my clients are able to reach their next level goal by doing less and lock in their strategy for aligned work and balance. 


They have their clear streamlined aligned strategies for working productively and bringing balance back into all areas of their lives, whilst working towards and achieving their next level goal.

They’re nailed their mindset, energy management, and embodiment work, shifting them into their feminine flow allowing massive results to flow into their lives, careers and businesses. 

Now it’s your turn!

LET'S DO IT! I'm ready to book my discovery call!


  • 18 45 min 1:1 Lifestyle Design Coaching calls throughout our 6 months together, plus one implementation week each month 
  • Regular Accountability Check-Ins to help you feel supported and keep you on track

  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer Monday-Friday if you’re feeling confused, wanting to celebrate or have any questions

  • Your own personalised Aligned Action and Mindset Management document, updated after each call so that you know exactly what to do each week to be implementing your balance and aligned strategies 
  • Resources customised to our sessions so that you have life-long guides to refer back to for all the strategies and tools

The Investment 


6 monthly payments of 888€


One time payment of 4,888€

Book a Discovery Call to find out exactly what this coaching will look like for you

Allyson S.

I learned how to work only when I feel energetically aligned to do so, AND how to get into that state of energetic alignment in a holistic way. “Rest” was not a word in my vocabulary before, it was synonymous with laziness. Olivia taught me how to reframe definitions and ideas in my mind to work for me, rather than me being a slave to my programming. I wake up peaceful and confident that I can do everything I need to get done by exerting less energy than I previously did. By doing this I have been able to attract my goal for the year within the 3 months of coaching.

Olga B.

I really appreciate her unique approach to productivity, her focus on balancing work and rest, & staying in tune with yourself. What I have typically encountered with others is either a harsh "do what it takes no matter what" approach, or the totally fluid "be one with the universe". Olivia is a perfect golden middle between the two ends of the spectrum: she is all about productivity and achieving goals, but also about staying happy, grounded and well-rested during the process. She is so wise, motivating and relatable. I couldn't recommend Olivia enough!

Annapaola Z.

She is a pioneer in her approach to time, productivity and work. I've done a lot of therapy, lots of coaching and further education programs and yet Olivia is able to surprise me. I appreciate that her approach is so holistic, as she integrates the mind, soul and body. With Olivia's help, I went from overwhelmed, depressed, & resigned to grateful, hopefully and literally enthusiastic. She taught me how to shift my mindset, how to be in charge of my energy management, and gave me fantastically structured strategies to implement into my life. I am leaning to give myself space to rest and live life with ease. 

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My Private Coaching is for you
if you're ready to...

  • Take action and bring in abundance in the form of money, ease, time, energy

  • Deep dive and set your solid mindset foundation and become BFF’s with your subconscious mind

  • Work smarter, not harder so that you can have it all without burning ourself out in the process

  • Reach your next level goal in a way that actually feels really freaking amazing and that makes you want to do it again!

  • Embrace whatever your version of freedom looks like, whether it’s running your business with ease from the beach in Hawaii, travelling the world with your soulmate, being the successful author being interviewed for Oprahs book club, or raising babies alongside your job or biz.


I want you to embody your badass powerful next level self who get's to have her goal ALONG with the time-freedom to enjoy her life, makin' people's head's turn, wondering how you "do it all" (psst... your not, it just looks like it!)

That's why I promise you, if you show up and do the work, you WILL see results.

This is not your standard productivity hack one-size fits all type coaching; it's all custom designed for your aligned way of working and according to your time-freedom vision.


Are you ready for the Ultimate balance and time-freedom whilst working towards your next level goal without doing all the things? 


Notice that gut feeling. Trust yourself. 

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