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The Feminine First Workshop

The only LIVE Monthly Community Event

Top features

  • Learn how to lean into your feminine and reclaiming your inner wisdom & power you will create work-life balance, expanded results and easeful success in your life, business, and career
  • With a different focused topic each month to understand how to create your own work-life balance, recover from burnout, and time-freedom lifestyle through the feminine/masculine energy teachings
  • This is about COMMUNITY and connection, so a large portion of the Workshop is our beautiful Women's circle, where you have a chance to get support, share your stories and gather with the like-minded ambitious sisterhood.
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Banish the Burden of Time Masterclass

Free Training

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  • Say goodbye to procrastination, perfectionism, and overworking for good.
  • Learn how to always have enough time, tap into the art of aligned productivity
  • Access this Free Training to learn the exact three step process that I teach my VIP clients so that they can reclaim their time, energy and ease.
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The Time Expander Planner

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  • The Ultimate Task Planning Strategy to Streamline your To-Do's and Simplify your Priorities, that actually gives you more time
  • I teaching you the "Weekly to Daily Flow" Method for organizing your tasks so that you actually get it all done and you take back control of your time.
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From Time Management to Time Mastery

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  • The secret to actually taking back your time without feeling overwhelmed
  • I am spilling ALL the simple yet powerful insider techniques that I have used in my own life and with my clients to create sustainable balance. 
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Harness Productivity through a Masculine & Feminine Balance

Jan 14, 2022


Random Wellness Podcast: How to create Flow and Structure in your Work Day

Today we chat about:

work-life balance how to create structure and flow in your days and months how to use cycle syncing for productivity how to balance the masculine and feminine why its important to reflect on your thought patterns around what it means to be productive and so much more!

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The (well)Balanced Podcast

In this episode Olivia from Decluttered Intention breaks down how we can use decluttering to live intentionally and with less stress. If you are someone who feels like you just need more time, this episode will be extremely insightful.

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Random Wellness Podcast:  Olivia Heine on resolutions, Spring energy and vision boarding

We decided to do a part two after our first conversation to talk more about goal and intention setting in the Spring season. We also chatted lots about setting New Years Resolutions, getting into the Spring energy and also vision boarding.

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The Relationsh*t Podcast

Did you know you can declutter your relationships? Part of creating your intentional life is ensuring every area of your life aligns with your goals and visions! We're diving into all things relationships and how to clear the clutter.

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Random Wellness Podcast: Olivia Heine on clutter, streamlining your business and intentional living

Olivia shares her personal journey and how her coaching business today actually stems from past events leading back to her childhood. Olivia shares some insight into decluttering and some of the deeper rooted emotions and issues that may be linked to certain clutter pain points as well as some other great tips in terms of streamlining your business and even every day life!

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Personally Developing: Time-Freedom with Olivia Heine

Join me as I chat with Time-Freedom & Intentional Life Coach, Olivia Heine, about how to transform your relationship with time and work towards aligning with your time freedom goals.

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