to learn how to always have enough time, tap into the art of aligned productivity, and say goodbye to procrastination, perfectionism, and overworking for good.


Banish the Burden of Time 

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Hosted by Olivia Heine, Time-Freedom CEO & NLP Success Coach of Decluttered Intentions

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Get ready to end the cycle of overworking and go from time poor to resource rich!


Let's just call it what it is: Feeling like you never have enough time, SUCKS. 


It sucks always feeling like you’re running behind or playing catch up. And it’s no fun living in a constant state of stress because you’re always mentally going over your to-do list and feeling anxious about all the things you have to get done later, and then procrastinating on things now. 


It also sucks feeling like you don’t have enough time, because YOU ARE trying to be your most productive self, and checking ALL the things off your to do list, but STILL not seeing momentum forward the way you were expecting.


Where are those BIG RESULTS - like a sustainable fully booked out business, your dream job with higher pay, or more time with your kids - that you should have right now considering the amount of blood, sweat and tears you poured into this?! Then you think, well maybe I wasn’t working hard enough because if I truly had given it my all, I would have been more successful… So I guess I just have to go back and work harder now.”


Imma stop you right there, because without even knowing you, I can say without a doubt, that you ARE doing enough... And I know you're thinking, so then what??

Here's the thing:


Most of us live in the perpetual cycle of never having enough time because of the WAY we have been taught to work.


Most of us are living in the cycle of toxic productivity. I know I was.


I was burnt out, constantly sick, always phishing myself harder, and never feeling like what I was doing, creating or achieving was “enough.” Of course there was always more I “could’ve” done, but I was exhausted, tired and totally frustrated with how I felt in my life. 


And that’s the MOST IMPORTANT piece: All this hustling and overworking and burnout is leading us to live disconnected and unfulfilled lives.  We think connection and love and success and acceptance comes from our high performance, status, and ability to keep going and do it all again. 


What it really comes down to, is having the time and space to enjoy your life. To work with ease so that you are consistently tapping into your flow zone and working in aligned productivity. 


⚡The way do to this is to have a “workstyle” supports your “lifestyle,” so that you are focused on creating a life, not just a living.   


My mission is to redefine the way we have been taught to work and to teach ambitious women, like you, how to realign themselves with their version of success, and then to create a work-style that supports that definition and your ability to have time-freedom to live and enjoy the rest of your life... AND still have time to grow your business, make sure you're home for school pick up, prioritize your partner, and have time for a lucrative social life.


And that is EXACTLY what I am going to be teaching you in this masterclass! 

What the Banish the Burden of Time Masterclass is all about:


What it really comes down to, is learning HOW to have both the time and space to enjoy your life without sacrificing creating the outcomes you want, such as being a working professional and a parent, or starting your business whilst still working full time, or make sure you're still getting more clients in your business even though you want to start working less. 


In this Masterclass, Banish the Burden of Time, I walk you through exactly HOW to stop struggling with never having enough time AND the 3 steps to create your aligned way of working to get back your time and start creating faster results with more ease.


Whether you are:


✔ An entrepreneur, who has just started your business (or have the dream of starting your business) or have been in your business for years but it’s just not flowing the way you want it to (i.e. you are not making the money you want or getting enough clients consistently) or it isn’t giving you the time-freedom you were hoping for (aka you are hitting your capacity for all the things you are doing)


✔ A (working) parent, juggling your job, your kiddos, spending intentional time with your family, and also getting a goddamn minute just for yourself, to escape into writing your short stories or just have a moment of peace while drinking your coffee


A professional, climbing the ladder with big dreams, and feeling all the pressure to move up the ladder, show up for everyone else, and prove that you are deserving of this role... but still feel like you somehow keep falling short...



Get ready to learn:


  • How to banish the busyness, optimize your productivity so that you have more time to do the things you love (like grow that biz like crazy,  apply for the promotion and spend more time with your kiddies after school).
  • My signature strategies so that you know exactly WHAT action to take to lock in your next level results in your business, at your job, or in your personal life.
  • How to finally expand your time so that you can sign up for that pottery class, start taking Friday’s off, make time for bedtimes stories with the kids, and on the flip side, to have the energy to get your work done with more ease & enjoyment
  • Get access to my Time-Freedom Framework that I use exclusively with my clients so that you can take back your time whilst still achieving your desired results (faster) with more ease and by doing less.

Ready to always have enough time and become resource rich to bring in more results by doing less? Grab your spot here to join us on December 2nd!


I hate to break it to you, but having time, being productive AF and living your life to the fullest IS FOR YOU!

Hi, it's me! Your Time Freedom CEO & NLP Success coach, Olivia

As a fellow goal-getter, I am here to serve ambitious women (like YOU!), to ditch the hustle narrative and dominant masculine ways of working so that you can break out into your next level with feminine flow where you achieve your goals with ease, in alignment with your desired balance and time-freedom.

After years of burning out over my need to prove my worth through my work, adhere to masculine ways of working, and allow toxic relationships to guide my decisions, I hit my enough point and decided it was time to reconnect with my inner power, my wild goddess, and recreate the narratives and strategies of work-life balance and success.

I have built a business upon the concept of doing less as being the key to creating greater success, results, abundance, time and ease, and I now live the time-freedom lifestyle I could only dream about just a few years ago, filled with travelling all over the world, working from anywhere, and coaching and teaching hundreds of women online how to do the same.

I am so excited for you to join me in this conversation!