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The ONLY Aligned Strategies You Need To Create Ultimate Balance

And tap into alignment between work and life so that you can create your intentional life, business and time-freedom, where you are making a life, not just a living!

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I'm Olivia Heine, your Time-Freedom CEO & fellow goal-getter!

I'm a NLP Life & Success coach specializing in time-freedom to support you in creating aligned productivity strategies for ultimate work-life balance so that you - my ambitious human - can establish your new way of working in flow and alignment and without adding more work to your days, in order to uplevel by doing less

My Story

With over a third of your life spent working, the way you work is the foundation for how you live your life

If you are looking to create more balance, time, energy and ease in your life, the place to start is with work.

You cannot make time for rest, self-care and balance if the way you are working (or more specifically, the way you believe you  should be working) doesn't allow for it or support you in doing so.

HOW you work determines the quality of your life, the results you create, the relationships you nurture... and you can "have it all."

You are here to create a life, not just make a living.

The constant feeling of not doing enough even though your life feels like an endless to do list, is simply not a sustainable way to live your life, run a business, or move through your career. The way we have been conditioned to work is heavy in so called "Masculine energy".

Ditching the hustle, burnout, ever enough mentality, starts with identifying the beliefs you have around work and rest, and beginning to adjust HOW you are working by brining in more "Feminine energy," so that you can determine your aligned productivity, get more done by doing less, and create your version of time-freedom.

The Time-Freedom Framework
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First of all, welcome! The best place to start is with the Energy Management Freebie if you haven't already, check out the blog, and then start tuning in for the weekly Align & Allow Episodes

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Amazing! If you are ready to put some skin in the game, check out the challenge bundles and Aligned Productivity Masterclass to dive deeper and begin implementing the concepts that you've been learning about with the free content.

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Woohoo! Click below to check out the different ways we can work together - from 1-1 intensives to long term VIP coaching, plus incredible bundles and programs - there's something for you no matter where you're at!

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 Your next level way of working with ease and in alignment, your next level goal of being fully booked, publishing your novel or working from anywhere anytime, and your next level time freedom... are waiting for you.


You've come this far for a reason. This is your sign that you are ready to uplevel and you know it. Click the link to book a coaching consultation call, dm/email me with questions, or get your name on the Aligned Productivity Academy Waitlist today!

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