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Welcome to the Feminine Art of Productivity & Your Path to Success

By ending the toxic cycle of overworking, hustle &  overwhelm, so you can work smarter not harder, and reclaim your time, energy & freedom

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Hey lovely, 


I see you.

And I know who you are and what you want.


The constant feeling of not doing enough even though your life feels like an endless to do-list, is simply not a sustainable way to live your life, run a business, or move through your career.

Working from this place is also not how you will be able to create a life in the future where you DO have enough time. The way we have been conditioned to work is keeping you playing small, caught up in the hustle mentality and comparitinitous, and lacking energy and time constantly. 


The thing is, you are ambitious. You have BIG goals. You want to create an abundant life.


You want it all

... But you're wondering if that's even still possible in today's day and age.

To have the successful career and be a hands on parent. To make tons of money and take lots of time off. To travel and to build a business.


Your life is not mutually exclusive, and I am here to tell you...


You can have it all.


When you learn how to create a work-style that compliments your dream lifestyle, and ditch the hustle, burnout and "never enough time" mentality... you get to have it all.

Enough time, massive success, exponential growth, less work, more energy.


And that my love, is what I am here to teach you to do.



With over a third of your life spent working, the way you work is the foundation for how you live your life

If you are looking to create more balance, time, energy and ease in your life, the place to start is with work.

The reason you have felt that it's never the right time to create more time, is also the reason why you still don't have enough time.

You cannot make time for rest, self-care and balance if the way you are working (or more specifically, the way you believe you  should be working) doesn't allow for it or support you in doing so.

HOW you work determines the quality of your life, the results you create, the relationships you nurture... and you can "have it all."

You are here to create a life, not just make a living.

I'm Olivia Heine, your Time-Freedom CEO & fellow ambitious goal-getter!

I'm a NLP Life & Success coach specializing in time-freedom to support you in creating aligned productivity strategies for ultimate work-life balance so that you - my ambitious human - can establish your new way of working in flow and alignment and without adding more work to your days, in order to create bigger results by doing less


The result? Become the master of your time, the queen of productivity, and the creator of everything you desire to have and experience in your life!

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I'm ready!

The best time to start, is right now!

 Your next level way of working with ease and in alignment, your next level goal of being fully booked, publishing your novel or working from anywhere anytime, and your next level time freedom... are waiting for you.


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